Best Men’s Hairstyles for Six Different Face Shapes

For a certain hairstyle, it might looks great on someone else but not on you and this is because different people have different face shapes and each has its own best-fit hairstyle.

However, whenever you ask somebody what the best haircut is for your face shape when you are a male, typically they’re, giving you advice on how to make your hair look the most square it could possibly look.  That is because a square face shape is the most masculine face shape and the most desirable or men.

So today we are going to talk about how you can make yourself look the most masculine as possible with the correct haircuts to take away the bad features and bring the good forward.

oblong face shape
oblong face shape

An oblong face means that your face is longer than it is wide. To make an oblong face look more square, we want to take down on the length of the face. You can try swept bangs, or a full fringe. Or if you are not into these haircuts, you can always rock a shorter haircut but be sure not bring any bulk on the top of your head. Generally, you want to keep your hair length as short as possible if you have an oblong face that way you are not bringing any more attention to your already longer face.

It is also not recommended to have a full beard or anything like that. This will add to the weight of your face and make it look even longer than it already looks.



oval face shape
oval face shape

An oval face looks just like an oval. It is a bit skinnier than an oblong face and has no harsh edges. If you are an oval face, our goal is to make you look a little bit more angular. A fade hairstyle is recommended for an oval face because it is short on the side and have that little pompadour on the top and it makes your face look more angular.



Diamond face shape
Diamond face shape

A diamond face has a strong jaw and angular cheekbones like a diamond does. For a diamond face,

we’re trying to add width to the jaw line. But what haircut can do that? There’s not really an easy way to do a haircut, but there is an easy way to do that with facial hair. So if you can grow a beard, if you have a diamond face, a beard would look amazing and then go to a barber and get that beard trimmed into a nice square shape that will make you look a lot more masculine and very handsome.

For a diamond face, it will look so good with long hair. With longer hair, it brings a lot more link to your jaw and a lot more attention and make your jaw like a lot sharper and more masculine.

Round Face

round face shape
round face shape

A round-faced is equal in length and width. If you have a round face, your face tends to be a little bit more full than the average person and you have barely any angles to your face. So it’s very full all around with no sharp edges, no strong jaw line or anything like that.

For a round face, we need to add more angles to the face. A skin fade on the sides and a short pompadour on the top will give you the most angles possible for your face shape.

Square Face

square face shape

square face shapeA square face is super angular. You have a very sharp jaw line and everything is going to be very equal on both sides and wide but also very sharp. A square face tends to be the most masculine looking station.

A square face is the most desirable face shape for a man because it is very masculine and can rock probably most hairstyles. You can do a buzz cut, a pompadour, some trendy haircuts like a textured comb-over, bangs and also a side-swept or your can do a generic crew cuts.

Just one thing to avoid is that making a lot of volume on the top of your head because high volume on the top will make the face look a lot longer and not very good.


Triangle face has very prominent jaw that is even wider than the cheekbone. If your jawline protrudes further than your cheekbones, you probably have a triangle face.

Firstly, for a triangle face, stay away from a facial hair or too much facial hair. Since your jaw is already passed your cheekbones, so you don’t want to add any more length on it, or else it will look really wacky.

A buzz cut or anything really short haircut is also not recommended because it will make your forehead part smaller and your jaw part of your head is way bigger.


I would off balance your wide jaw with a little bit more of a mid length haircut or a bit of a longer haircuts ending at the cheekbone.

So, I believe you have an idea of what haircut would go best for your face shape. If you have lost your hair, don’t worry, with our men’s hair systems, you can achieve any hairstyle you desire. Feel free to contact us for more information about how a men’s hair system works at

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