How to Store A Hair System

For people who wear hair systems as a routine always have more than one hair system on hand. So for the one you don’t wear, how to store it properly so it is ready for the next time wearing?


When Do You Need to Store Your Hair System

People usually have a spare hair system ready to wear to cope with emergencies. In most cases, this spare hair system is cut, well-styled and ready to wear. So, you need to make sure the hairstyle is not changed or damaged.

Also, people have multiple hair systems they bought in a package for a much more economical price. Then you need to store them properly to make sure the hair is kept in good condition.


Preparation Before Storage

First of all, you need to make sure the hair system is completely clean. The base is free of adhesive residues, hair is well shampooed and conditioned and free of tangles.

How to Store the Hair System

Find A Dark Place

A very important tip is that to store the hair system in a dark place, such as a closet, a drawer or a box. This is because any exposure to light, whether fluorescent or natural, causes the system to oxidize. Regular light exposure causes it to oxidize significantly faster. Then the hair color will fade and will not match with your own hair color anymore.

Retaining the Style

If your hair system is styled and you want to keep it that way, it is better to put the hair system on a Styrofoam head or a wig holder. Also, if it is a long hair style, storing in a box will cause the hairstyle change and not good for the next time wearing. In this case, you also need to find a dark place and make sure the hair is not rubbed by surrounding items.

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