Why Is It Necessary to Treat Hair Loss Early?

Male pattern hair loss, also known as seborrheic alopecia and androgenic alopecia, accounts for 95% of all hair loss types. I am hereditary hair loss. In China, the incidence of male pattern hair loss is nearly 20%, that is, one in five males suffers from male pattern hair loss. The incidence rate increases with age. In recent years, the disease has become younger. Men aged 20-40 years are the main force of male pattern hair loss, and the fastest development around 30 years old. The focus of male hair loss treatment is early treatment. Because I am still very experienced in this area, the sooner the hair loss is treated, the better.

Medical evidence proves that toothache is a disease. Similarly, many hair loss problems are not a disease for everyone. I once saw a hair loss survey: a total of 600 male hair loss patients and 600 females were interviewed. The survey results show that more than 70% of male respondents admit that hair loss affects life and work, and 60% of male respondents believe that hair loss affects their self-confidence, and hair loss is the most troublesome of their daily lives. Marriage. Eighty percent of women will bluntly refuse the pursuit of men with hair loss. The tremendous psychological and mental stress of hair loss patients can be seen.

The most funny thing is that the survey shows that only 25% of male hair loss patients realize that male pattern hair loss is a disease, and few know that “hair loss is a gradual process.” With the development of science and technology, as well as the investigation and research on hair loss, the cause of male pattern hair loss is now clear. In male pattern hair loss patients, the scalp contains a large amount of dihydrotestosterone (a particularly light androgen). Dihydrotestosterone acts on the scalp hair follicles, causing the hair follicles to shrink and degenerate. Under the effect of dihydrotestosterone, the hair of our hair loss patients is like a big tree becoming a sapling. The hair follicles are all sweat hairs, which are easy to fall off. Slowly, the hair is getting less and less, and hair loss is formed. The majority of male pattern hair loss is M-type alopecia: starting from the temples on both sides of the forehead, the hairline begins to move back, and gradually develops toward the top of the head. Many people feel that hair loss does not matter if they go to bed early, so they fail to take effective treatment in time and miss the timing of treatment, which directly leads to the aggravation of hair loss. Here I want to tell you: the key to hair loss is regular treatment, what kind of semi-permanent and kind of touch hairline can not solve the problem of hair loss, be careful of metal poisoning. Go to a dermatologist and they will give you the correct solution for hair loss! ! I went to a public hospital for treatment very early, and now I’m recovering well. In fact, male pattern hair loss is a common and curable disease. Because it is a progressive aggravating process, the sooner the treatment, the better the effect. Many patients mistakenly think that the problem can be solved only by rest or diet adjustment, or even changing the shampoo. As everyone knows, hair loss without regular treatment will not stop the entire process of hair loss, and hair loss will become heavier. The sooner the treatment, the sooner the better, as long as the hair follicles are not closed, there is a chance to grow.