What’s The Best Treatment 0f Genetic Alopecia

We know how painful it is to lose precious hair. Although there has not been a major breakthrough in genetic alopecia, there are treatments that can help slow rapid hair loss and restore lost confidence.

Preliminary signs of genetic alopecia

Genetic alopecia begins with sparse hair and develops into bald patches on the scalp, often forming patterns recorded in the Norwood scale. When hereditary hair loss begins, the hair follicles on the scalp become smaller, making hair fall off faster. Sometimes, hair also loses its color.

Let’s look at hereditary hair loss by gender:

Male hereditary alopecia: usually seen in men around 30 years old, but may actually occur at any age after puberty. Although there are many patterns of hereditary alopecia, the pattern of alopecia mainly starts from the temple and reaches the crown, forming an M-shaped pattern. In the final stage, only the hair edges along the sides and back are left on the scalp. This kind of hair loss is called male baldness.

Hereditary alopecia accounted for 99% of male alopecia.

Here are some treatments recommended by Tribologists and medical experts around the world:

Minoxidil: minoxidil is an over-the-counter hair recovery solution applied to the scalp to prevent further hair loss and damage. The drug, which is most popular with men, claims to slow further hair loss within four to eight months. That is to say, it has certain side effects and will start to lose hair again after stopping minoxidil. Therefore, it is recommended to consult three physicians before using this hereditary alopecia drug.

Fintersade: another well-known drug for the treatment of hereditary hair loss in men. Finasteride is a prescription only drug that prevents DHT from affecting hair growth. It also helps prevent the non cancerous growth of the prostate. Women who are trying to conceive should avoid using fintersade as it can cause birth defects and various other side effects.

Men’s single silk hair system: a painless solution for hereditary hair loss, the single silk hair system can make a man’s head full without surgery and medicine. The modern top is designed with high quality human hair and silk to ensure breathability and durability.

Because custom mono hair systems are designed to take into account your head shape and hair texture, they are easy to blend into your scalp, making your hair appear to come directly from the scalp. Browse our monofilament hair system to solve hereditary hair loss!