Here Are Some Tips To Help Balding Men Look More Attractive

People want to know how men in Hollywood, fashion and even daily life prove that baldness can be faced bravely with the right attitude and support. This is why we decided to help men achieve the final bald look by sharing our wisdom.

Help the bald man look charming and regain his lost self-confidence. The following points have been proven to help make bald or bald men look good!

Moisturize the scalp

Dry scalp is one of the most common problems with male hair loss and can lead to baldness. Also known as scalp accumulation, this problem is caused by the razor shaving the head too frequently. Dragging multiple razors on your scalp can put a lot of pressure on your skin, resulting in red bumps and flakes. This is why the scalp is moisturized every two weeks.

You can buy a moisturizer prescribed by a hairdresser, or you can use natural home remedies such as coconut oil and aloe vera gel to solve the problem of dry scalp and make bald heads look more beautiful. Moisturize with Q-tip and wash with mild shampoo after 20 minutes. It will help you find the lost luster!


Bulk up

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars like Dwayne Johnson can make baldness so good? The secret is an exercise! Shape yourself by changing your diet and lifestyle. While you increase your intake of foods rich in vitamins and protein, go to the gym to exercise to divert people’s attention from baldness.


Tan the scalp

Getting your scalp into a healthy tan is not only a charm for our bald brothers, but also for men whose hairline is getting lighter. In addition to making you look smoother, tanning can also cover up lumps and redness on your head. Men who live in hot areas can get a little sun therapy by sitting outside for 30 minutes.

On the other hand, men living in cold regions can get artificial tanning at the local beauty salon. You can also apply a suntan lotion on the scalp. However, be sure to exfoliate gently beforehand to avoid any side effects.



Scientific research shows that bald men with beards are more attractive than clean shaved men. So, in the booklet “Make your bald head look good”, the first suggestion is to grow a beard that fits your facial structure. Since scalp hair loss will produce excess testosterone, natural growth of Van Dyke will not pose too much challenge.


Wear sunglasses

When men begin to lose hair, their facial proportions will change greatly. Therefore, your style needs to adapt to keep up. Usually we recommend that bald men wear a pair of suitable sunglasses-of course, when the weather permits-to make themselves look new and new. In addition to protecting eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, people know that sunglasses can make bald men look particularly beautiful!

From pilots to travelers, there are all kinds of sunglasses available for men. Find yourself the best shape for your head and face. If you are not sure what suits you best, go to the optician for advice.

Of course, you can also wear LaVivid Hair Replacement System to help you restore your handsome appearance.