How to know if you have a hair loss problem and what are the early symptoms of hair loss?

Each disease has some early symptoms, and hair loss is no different. The most common problem is that the hair falls off the scalp into a round shape, leaving obvious hair loss. Those men with alopecia will notice the following early symptoms:

hair shedding

Patchy hair loss

This is one of the most common symptoms of hair loss. Coin-sized or round patches will appear on your scalp. This type of problem not only affects the scalp, but also involves certain parts of our body, such as beards, eyelashes, eyebrows and many other areas where hair grows. Also, your skin will become itchy and painful before the hair falls out.

Sudden loose hair

When combing or washing your hair, you will notice sudden hair loss on the scalp. Even pulling the hair gently will bring out a few strands. The early symptoms of this kind of hair loss can also be caused by stress and trauma. This problem is usually caused by overuse of drugs, scalp infections and iron deficiency. Sudden loosening of hair will only show thin spots on the head, which can be treated.

Extensive hair loss

In some cases of hair loss, men will not only lose hair on the scalp, but also hair on other parts of the body. This problem is generally called generalized baldness. In this situation, men will not only lose excess hair on the scalp, but also from other parts of the body such as eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, legs and chest hair. This type of hair loss can occur at any age and is called immune disorder.

Exclamation mark

As the name suggests, the hair becomes thinner from the bottom, like an exclamation point. These small hairs of 3-4 mm are wider at the top, and then gradually become thinner as the hair contacts the scalp. The way to recognize early signs of this type of hair loss is that they appear pale at the bottom of the hair and dark at the top. It is mainly caused by inflammation, which weakens the hair and causes it to fall out.

Effects on fingers and toenails

For men who suffer from alopecia, they will notice changes in their nails and toenails. This is one of the earliest signs of hair loss and can be easily noticed. Hair loss usually results in dents on the nails, and deep holes may appear. Another unusual sign you will notice is white spots or white lines on your nails. At some point, your nails may lose their luster or become thinner and cracked.

The above are some of the early symptoms of hair loss, if not treated in time, it will lead to excessive hair loss.

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