What Are Your Options After Hairloss Makes You Bald?

Male pattern hair loss is a genetically defined condition caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) effects in some areas of the scalp. DHT is thought to reduce the length of the hair cycle’s growth period, or anagen, from 3–6 years to weeks or months. This happens in parallel with follicle miniaturisation, resulting in fewer and finer hairs over time. 5-alpha reductase is an enzyme that controls the synthesis of DHT.


Several genes play a role in the initiation, development, pattern, and severity of hair loss in family members, with different ages, patterns, and severity. Both the mother and father pass on the susceptibility genes. Genetic testing for baldness prediction is currently inaccurate.


Almost all men experience male pattern hair loss at some stage in their lives. Evolution affects different populations at different rates. By the age of 50, up to half of male Caucasians would have lost some hair treatments for Male Pattern Baldness.


How can Male Pattern Baldness Be Treated?


People often ask the question, what is the best hair regrowth system?  Hairloss cannot be prevented and occurs sooner than later. You can, however, slow it down and prevent it from being too bad. You need to properly educate yourself on how hair loss works and what will work best for you in terms of medical as well finances.




There are two main and most commonly used drugs approved by the FDA. They can usually be found in every pharmacy or a local drug store.


Minoxidil (Rogaine):

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter topical drug that is supplied in a foam form. It is applied on top of the head, and it helps reduce inflammation in the hair follicles as well as strengthen the roots.


Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar):

This drug is digested orally and can only be obtained through a prescription. It helps balance out the DHT hormones and slow down hair loss. This drug can have some side effects such as swelling, weight gain, and blood pressure.


The most highlighted setbacks of drugs are that they take up to one year to show any promising results. And even then, they only stay as long as the medicines are used properly. The hair loss comes back at a much faster pace as soon as the drugs are halted.


Hair transplant surgery


The famous invasive surgery that can help regrow hair. This is usually the answer to what is the best hair regrowth system?  But it’s not. While in most cases, it does help grow back hair. The process is too painful and entirely too risky. It has risks and limitations and requires a huge bank account. The process of the surgery seems promising, but it doesn’t end up working in many cases; the most modern method is known as Follicular unit extraction (FUE)


Wigs and hairpieces


This is the most sensible solution for hair loss. Hair regrowth is an illusion and is never going to last; hair systems and wigs, though, will last you as long as you take proper care of them; you will never have to worry about having a bad hair day or frequent hair loss or proper medicine schedules ever.

Wigs and toupees have made many advancements in the last couple of decades. They are not only extremely realistic now, but they can also be work for extended periods. Even while avoided activities such as swimming, sleeping, showering, working out, etc.


Hair Systems Provide The Best Results


Hair systems have the real answers to the frequently asked question what the best hair regrowth system is? Non-surgical hair transplants come with a list of advantages. Not only do they provide you with a new look instantly, but they are also incredibly versatile; therefore, you have multiple new looks according to your liking or the occasion; the hair system is also very cost-effective. They last you a while especially compared to the price point. Moreover, the hair system help covers up significant hair loss while appearing completely natural and healthy. However, if you wish to maintain that fresh hair look throughout the entire life span of a system, you need to maintain it properly, so you don’t damage the hair strands on the systems and make it appear fizzy and unkempt.


How to maintain your hair system properly.


Hairpieces are priceless possessions not only from a financial standpoint but also from a personal standpoint. They dramatically alter the way we look and feel about ourselves in a moment.


After all, your hairpiece directly affects how you appear, and how you appear has an immediate impact on how you feel about yourself. If your hairpiece is clean, shiny, and on target, you’ll probably feel a lot better about yourself than if it’s dull and brittle.

Here’s how to take proper care of a hairpiece.


Washing your hair properly is one of the most crucial steps in getting the results you want.


It is important for getting soft hair! Apply the appropriate amount of conditioner from the top to the bottom of your head after washing your hairpiece. Make sure it’s uniformly distributed in your hairpiece.

Avoid Tangles at all costs.


Tangles can thoroughly ruin your hair system. They will cause the base material to stretch and pull in the wrong direction, might even cause damage to the scalp. To avoid tangles, use moderate water temperature to wash your hair system.