4 Tips to Prevent Hair Thinning

Your hair is the essence of your physical personality, and research supports that men feel more confident when their hair is on-point. However, hair thinning is a problem that is widely prevalent in men, affecting more than half of the male population. Hair thinning is a gradual process that may not turn you bald immediately but leave hairless spots on your head. Are you worried about what might be causing it? Multiple reasons may trigger this issue, such as ongoing or impending medical conditions and hormonal changes due to aging.

However, it’s a natural occurrence and a process that you can quickly reverse with a few healthy lifestyle changes. There’s no reason to fret over something you can temporarily cover with a cap or a helmet. And it does have many permanent solutions too! You have to commit to the process and stay persistent enough to make specific dietary changes and adding some me-time to your busy schedule. Here is are some tips to stop thinning hair male could use and would benefit from:


1. Natural Juices For Your Hair

Nothing is better than natural treatments when it comes to your skin or your hair. Juices from vegetables and fruits have the exact nutritional contents to make you regrow your lost hair or thicken its texture. Here are some of our top recommendations of natural juices which you can apply on your hair, leave for a few hours and wash with cold water for optimum results:

· Onion Juice

It is one of the best solutions to delay the appearance of white hair and stop thinning hair male by enhancing growth. Even though it doesn’t smell appealing, onions are high in sulfur concentration, nourishing and augmenting the follicles’ flow, resulting in rapid hair growth.

· Aloe Vera Juice

One of the biggest reasons behind hair thinning is rapid hair loss; wondering how to avoid it? Provide your scalp with the right vitamins, such as those present in Aloe Vera. The juice of this plant moisturizes the scalp and makes the hair more resistant to hair breakage. The enzymes in this juice work wonder in making the hair thicker so that no hairless spots are left on your head.

· Cucumber Juice

This one is not something to apply on the scalp but to drink like a quick smoothie. Cucumber juice has several benefits, one of which is that it improves the regulation of hemoglobin in your body. These protein molecules help speed up the flow of follicles in your hair, preventing loss of hair.


2. Limit Alcohol and Tobacco

Men tend to get into the habit of regular intake of alcoholic beverages as they grow up. However, binge drinking can cause dehydration which leads to the drying of hair follicles. Over time, the damage gets so bad that it starts causing hair thinning. So, if you’re experiencing hair loss and want to ensure growth, try eliminating alcoholic drinks from your life. Also, smoking cigarettes and intake tobacco stop the blood from reaching and flowing through the scalp properly. It doesn’t only damage your hair but also makes them thinner due to withering. Smoke is also one of the reasons behind premature greying of hair.


3. Use DHT Blocking Shampoos

One of the tested and approved drugs for hair growth is Finasteride which helps in obstructing the flow of DHT hormones, which are responsible for the shrinking of hair follicles. However, regularly taking the medication can have adverse side effects on your health, which is why using anti-DHT shampoo is a much better option. Most of these products have some minor percentage of ketoconazole, a medicine that blocks the flow of testosterone to DHT and barring the work of this hormone. Using the shampoo rather than the drug is much better because it doesn’t have undesirable sexual side effects.


4. Essential Oils For Your Scalp

Scalp massages have a positive impact on both your hair growth and your mood. The smooth circulation of fingers on your hair improves blood regulation and activates enzymes responsible for hair growth. It helps calm you down, which de-stresses you and reduces chances of getting hair loss from psychological tension. Since these are naturally extracted from plants, essential oils are usually lovely to the scent and have low concentration, making them less oily. Additionally, applying these carrier oils is much easier as you need to add only a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner, and that’s all! Here are some of the best essential oils for your scalp:

· Almond Oil:

Almond is an excellent moisturizer, and the use of this essential oil soothes down your scalp. This relaxing effect encourages the flow of follicles, bringing about healthier hair growth.

· Chamomile Oil

One of the drawbacks of hair thinning is that your hair starts losing its softness and its shine. Along with working for their regrowth, you also need to think about keeping them healthy and fresh-looking – hence, chamomile oil is the one for you!

· Clary Sage Oil

This unique smelling hair oil has the benefit of reaching the roots of your hair, penetrating to the core, and making the hair stronger. Massaging with Clary Sage Oil has helped in stimulating the scalp and activating hair follicles.

· Jojoba Oil

One of the essential oils proven to work the best to stop thinning hair male, specifically, has found it useful for themselves. It has several nutrients that make the scalp active and fill in the hairless spots and thicken the hair texture to make them less prone to breakage.




Some necessary changes in your diet will help you achieve younger-looking and strong hair on your scalp. Something as simple as shifting from chai (black tea) to green tea can help you fight hair loss with its herbal properties. Other times you might need to set alarms and take your multivitamins on time because they are essential in helping you retain your youth. Lastly, instead of becoming conscious about your appearance, ensure to incorporate these necessary and simple steps which will help you get thick and handsome hair.