Despite the good looks and talent, we all know how Zac Efron rose to the top – because of his hair. Sure he can sing, act or whatever. But we all know it’s the hair.

For an average person, shiny and good hair doesn’t come easy. You have to use a lot of hair products and visit the barber often just so you could get that edgy and flappable look. But the problem is that most men don’t exactly know how to recreate that style independently.

Well, that’s where the right styling advice and product can come in handy. By choosing products ideally suited to your hair type and style and following some tips, you can achieve that “fresh out of the barber” look without any of that irritating hair on your shirt.

So without further ado, here are some helpful hairstyling tips for men, including all the essential products you can use to maintain your style.

1. Never style your hair without a wash.

Before you even think of styling your hair, it’s wise to clean it up first.

Just like how we want our skin on a clean slate before we start our skincare routine, we need our hair clean before starting our haircare as well.

This is especially useful in the morning after you wake up because your hair is the greasiest at that time. Getting rid of all the grease, leftover product, and grime from the day before will allow the new product you use to work more effectively.

This is the same reason why some higher-end places that style and cut hair occasionally wash it beforehand.

This tip is essential if you usually use “heavier” hair products like certain pomades, clays, waxes, and fibers. These products are a pain to eliminate, so you need to wash your hair correctly before styling; otherwise, your hair will never want to cooperate.


2. Also, upgrade your shower technique. 

A few small changes to your morning routine can create all the differences later.

So here’s the deal: shampoo only once every 3-4 days to keep hair from growing rough and dry and use a branded moisturizing conditioner to reduce frizz. You can even skip the rinsing process and use the conditioner’s leave-it-on function (or buy an actual leave-in conditioner for all-out smoothness and shine). Once you step out of the shower, don’t vigorously rub your hair with the towel. Gently patting your hair dry will leave a dash of moisture inside and keep your hair intact.

3. Use your hairspray as a finisher.

Just like how all the WWE wrestlers have an ending move if your hair needs it – you should have a finishing product as well.

Hair must stay up, and those who can’t seem to make that happen can benefit from using a nice hairspray. After you’re done applying your usual gel or product and have your hair exactly where you want it, use some hairspray as a final touch to improve its livelihood, not collapsing in one or two hours. You can even apply hairspray without pouring on a handful of products.

Furthermore, if you believe that your hair is dried up and doesn’t have any volume, there is an alternative. You can wear a wig – no, we’re not kidding.

Wigs for men are available in various styles and volumes; some are even sprayed and massaged with the product. So if you’re willing to give this a try, you can easily find your match. Just google “which is the best men’s wigs store near me”, and you’ll be presented with a bunch of different results. Ensure to pick a store that has a lot of positive reviews!


4. For less volume, use a heavy-hold styler.

If your goal is to tidy and tight your hair, you will have to bring a dozen loads of firepower. By that, we mean to use a heavy-hold, matte finishing styling item and work I tin from the roots when your hair is damp. If you plan to apply it on dry hair, don’t, as it’ll make the frizz worse.

Once your hair dries up and soaks the product, there won’t be a trail of humidity. Moreover, to avoid a crunchy texture, pick a styler that is flexible and softer.


5. If all fails, go for a Diffuser

While you may have a few thoughts about investing in a new blowdryer (or a blowdryer attachment), you cannot argue with the results.

Using a premium-quality diffuser will help distribute the heat, giving your hair some serious volume while preventing flyaways and frizz. While you’re at it, apply a little bit of sea salt spray when your hair is slightly damp. You can work with the diffuser through your hair on low intensity and low heat. It’ll only take one blow to turn you into a believer.


6. Use products in combination with each other

There is no hard and fast rule saying you can only apply one hair product at a time. Blending the properties of two (and sometimes four or more) products creates a distinct effect on your hair. However, this depends on what type of products you’re combining.

Common combinations include products that are opposite from each other and have unique properties. For instance, a matte wax mixed with a greasy pomade together in your hands and used on your hair at the same time gives your hair the best of both worlds.


The Takeaway

We hope these styling tips contain enough oomph to really help you experiment with your hair and take care of it. Good hair will set you apart from the crowd and help you strike out in a world where most men stay in their comfort zones, get their usual monthly haircuts, and stick to the mundane hairstyle they’ve had for decades without trying something new and bold.

On the other hand, if the process of taking care of your hair seems daunting, mainly because you don’t have a lot of it, trying your luck with a wig may work. Finding a salon with premium quality wigs won’t be difficult at all; just open your GPS and ask Alexa: “what is the best men’s wigs store near me?”

After that, all that’s left to do is find a cover that complements your face.