How to Maintain toupee or Hairpieces for Men: 5 Tips That You Must Follow


Baldness is the most common problem among men. According to the latest research, around 42% of men suffer from moderate to extensive hair loss. Most of these men accept their baldness and never try to get rid of it. On the other hand, others want a complete hair system.

If you’re also going through the same situation, it’s nothing to worry about. Luckily, high-quality toupees and hairpieces for men by Lavivid hair are there to improve your appearance.

When it comes to toupees, they are pretty expensive that arise maintenance concerns. For instance, how can I maximize the life of my toupee? How can I take care of my toupee?

Well, you have to take care of your toupee by heart if you really want to keep your toupee shiny, well-maintained, and smooth for a long time. Obviously, it will boost your confidence even more.

As an expert, we would love to share some superb tips on how to maintain toupee or hairpieces for men. But before that, you must know do you really need a toupee or hairpiece. Keep reading to find these tips!

What is a toupee, and why should you choose it?

A toupee is a hairpiece that men can wear to cover the bald spots on their scalp. Most men need to wear it on their scalp’s crown because it’s one of the most common areas where hair loss occurs in them. However, wigs are different from toupees because they cover the entire scalp.

Toupees feature either artificial or synthetic hair. You can attach them with an adhesive to your scalp. You might be afraid that they will give an artificial look or maybe they look odd on your face.

Believe me; if you’re using a premium quality toupee from a well-renowned brand, such as Lavivid hair, it will appear natural. Our toupees and hairpieces for men blend naturally with scalp to give you a confident look.

When it comes to why you should choose a toupee, here’re some advantages of wearing it.

  • Firstly, it gives a thicker look to your hair. Ultimately, it helps you restore your confidence that becomes compromised due to hair loss.
  • Secondly, you can make any style you want without affecting your natural hair. You can even dye your toupee if you want to do so.
  • Lastly, tackling hair loss with a toupee saves both your time and money. It’s much affordable and easy to maintain than wigs. Not only this, you don’t need to go again and again to salons.


How to maintain toupee or hairpieces for men? 

Although the life of a toupee varies, you can increase it with proper care. It’s your lifestyle and the quality of the product that decides how long your toupee will last.

Still, below are some tips that will help you maintain the shine of your toupee.

1. Comb your toupee regularly:

Every hair strand in your toupee matters because there will be no hair growth if that strand is broken. And if it continues, your toupee will get thinner and thinner with time.

Therefore, you must comb your toupee in the morning and at night. Gentle combing with a wide-tooth comb will discourage the shedding of hair strands. And you can easily increase the life span of your toupee.

2. Clean the toupee regularly:

As you know very well, your toupee gets polluted when you wear it. After the use of few days, it will have a lot of dust, adhesive residues, germs, and even dead germ cells.

So, you need to wash it every seven to ten days. However, you should not wash your toupee more often because it can damage them even more.

You can wash the toupee to get rid of all the pollutants. Here are the things that you need to follow for washing your toupee.

Use products formulated especially for toupees:

While buying the cleaning products for your hairpiece, you must keep the following things in mind.

  • Use only the shampoo and conditioner recommended by the toupee manufacturers.
  • Use products that are pH neutral and come with moistening features.
  • Ensure that you apply antibacterial soap for cleaning the underside of the hairpiece.
  • Avoid the products that contain alcohol.


Be gentle while washing your toupee:

  • Remove all the tangles before you wet your hairpiece for washing. For that purpose, you must use a soft-edged and wide-tooth comb.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash the hairpiece.
  • Apply and massage the shampoo and conditioner gently.
  • Never soak the hairpiece in shampoo.
  • Never twist or squeeze the hairpiece after washing.
  • Wrap the hairpiece in a towel to dry it.
  • Never rub your hairpiece with a towel to dry it.


Apply conditioner to retain the moisture:

Definitely, a conditioner is the best way to retain the moisture of the hair system. You must use a hair conditioner which its manufacturers recommend.

Following are some tips that you must follow while conditioning the toupee

  • Condition your toupee once a month
  • Apply leave-in conditioner before you style your hair
  • Don’t use alcohol-containing conditioner
  • Don’t use the conditioner in excess because high water content can leave your toupee mushy and weak.

Apply oil to retain the moisture of the hairpiece:

No doubt, hairpieces for men don’t produce sebum as our natural hair does. Therefore, you must apply some oil to keep the hair stands moist and hydrated. However, you should not apply oil to the wig base. Instead, you should focus only on hair strands.

3. Avoid exposure to sunlight

Have you ever noticed the orange/red hue in natural hair or wigs? If yes, it is due to the oxidation caused by harmful UV radiation of sunlight.  Higher exposure to sunlight leads to a higher oxidation rate, leading to a compromised lifespan of the wig.

  • To avoid this damage due to sunlight, follow these tips
  • Don’t go outdoors unless it’s essential
  • Use SPF having hair products
  • wear a hat to reduce sun exposure


4. Be careful while swimming

Are you a swimmer and not sure if you should wear toupees or not? Well, yes, you can wear hairpieces for men while swimming because they are waterproof. However, you still need to be careful if the water is salty and contains chlorine. For instance, you must

  • Wear a swimming cap
  • Apply leave-in conditioner
  • Rinse off the hairpiece immediately after you have done swimming.


5. Store the toupee properly

You might be of the perspective that when you store your toupee, it’s safe. But let us clear one thing, your hairpiece will not be safe until you safe it properly.

You can use the wig package used by the manufacturers to transport the toupee for storing it.

Final Thoughts….!!

Obviously, hairpieces for men are designed specially to stay longer. But still, you should take care of them properly. Lavivid hair hopes that the tips on how to maintain or hairpieces for men mentioned above are helpful for you.

So, buy a premium quality toupee from Lavivid hair and maintain it properly to have shiny, voluminous, and healthy hair every day.