European Hair Wigs Buying Guide

When buying a hair wig, you need to do in-depth research to understand what exactly are you paying for. And if you are buying an expensive hair wig, why is your hair wig worth higher than any other low-priced wig.

The human hair used in wigs comes from all parts of the world. Generally, all human hair wigs are better than synthetic ones because they have a soft and natural feel. But the majority of wigs are made from hair harvested in India and Asia. Typically, Asian and Indian hair is thicker and heavier while European hair is finer and softer. Because European hair is the most sought after, they are pricier.

Most European hair collected for making hair systems is Remy human hair. Remy human hair refers to the bundles or strands of human hair where the hair cuticles are kept together and hair runs in the same direction.

Remy human hair is highly desirable for crafting hair systems and wigs because they reduce tangling time and overprocessing that keep the hair’s natural silky appearance intact.

The stronger and more aggressive the chemical processing, the more it will affect the integrity of the hair and your wig won’t last long. However, the high-end wig-making companies that use Remy human hair use fewer chemicals and hair undergoes less processing. The skillful processing of hair is extremely important because when human hair is exposed to premium chemicals and less processing, the wigs come out more natural-looking and are durable.

Indian or Asian hair are processed differently and they go through approximately 6 chemical processes that leave the hair feeling dry but voluminous.

Should You Buy Indian/ Asian Human Hair Wigs or the European Hair Wigs?

If your hair is thin and soft, European hair is the best choice. However, if your natural hair is thick and voluminous, you should get a wavy, coarse and voluminous Indian/ Asian hair wig that matches your natural hair type.

This can be a difficult decision because some hair types can feel very natural and match your natural hair but others may not. Also, the hair color, texture, and feel of hair differ from hairpiece to hairpiece, so you might not be able to find an ideal hairpiece with European human hair.

A lot of factors go into choosing the right wig; such as how long do you want to wear your wig and how often you’ll wear it, what should be the length, how comfortable you want it to be, and your budget. Some hair systems need extra care, maintenance, and even coloring so you need to make sure that you make an informed wig buying decision.

How Are Indian/ Asian Human Hair Processed for Hair Wigs?

Some low-end companies remove the hair cuticle to thin the denier of hair strands in an attempt to fake them as European thin hair wigs. However, removing the cuticle can cause hair to frizz up, become brittle, dry, and fluffy instead. When the cuticle is kept intact, the hair looks more natural, healthy, soft, and bounces upon movement.

The next step is depigmentation of Indian/Asian human hair as most hair collected has a dark brown or black color. The hair for making a single hairpiece is carefully bleached to keep the cuticle intact. Some Indian/Asian hair has very strong and dark pigments so their bleaching processes can take days to completely remove color.

When the hair has finally become translucent, color is applied to the hair according to the customer’s demand. Manufacturers have color swatches to match the color applied to the hair.

Hair is then sewn into lace and are permed or curled to add natural waves. Afterward, the hair is coated with a liquid for sealing color and adding moisture for shine.

How Are European Human Hair Processed?

European hair processed by high-end hair wig manufacturers keeps human hair intact. Because European hair is naturally wavy, they usually don’t need to be permed. However, the darker hair is bleached several times and dyed light blonde or platinum blonde. In the end, the top coating or sealer is applied to lock in color and moisture.

Why Choose Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair systems or hair toupees are better than synthetic hair systems and hair toupees because:

Comfort and Soft Touch

Human hair is soft and gentle on the skin. Other than looking the most natural, they also feel natural and soft. Your hair ends will touch your neck or fall onto your shoulders, so human hair won’t make you uncomfortable. Especially, if you’ll be wearing a hair toupee that has bangs or long hair that would touch your face, you should go for a human hair wig. However, keep in mind that rubbing the human hair against your collar or the weather can cause your hair wig to frizz or hair clumped together.


Human hair from all parts of the world can be permed and colored darker if they have a light color. However, manufacturers avoid coloring virgin hair that hasn’t been dyed or chemically processed before. This keeps the hair feeling the most natural and real.

Once human hair reaches you as a hair system, you can style them using a blow dryer or curl them as you like.

Hair Texture

Human hair has different and natural textures that synthetic hair wigs lack. Hair wigs with human textures appear fine, textured, and natural-looking. European hair can feel soft, fine, and thin while Indian/ Asian hair would feel thicker and voluminous because of over-processing and being naturally thick.

Longevity and Feel

The feel of European hair toupees and hair systems is the most natural. They tend to bounce more as they are soft and thin as compared to Indian/ Asian hair. The human hair wigs last somewhere from 6 months to 2 years. If the cap base or lace begins to deteriorate, some hair systems can be sent back to the factory for venting more hair or changing the cap base.

Final Word

Human hair wigs cost more than synthetic wigs and typically start from $1000 and go up as high as $6000. Long hair wigs cost even higher but most human hair toupees are priced below $2000. European hair wigs always cost more than Indian/ Asian hair wigs because the European hair wigs are not only fine, and natural-looking but also rare.

If you want to wear your hair system for longer, you should choose a human hair system. They look the most natural, can be brushed, washed, and even styled like natural hair while the toupee is attached to your head. Just like any other expensive item, you buy to look flawless; the right human hair toupee will boost your confidence and keep you comfortable.