Making a lace System Last as long as possible!

Are you thinking about getting a full lace hair system for maximum comfort and realism? Lace hair replacement systems are renowned for their lightweight, comfortable nature and the high level of realism they provide due to the fine flesh of the lace blending into your scalp. Because of the woven texture of lace, they are also incredibly breathable.

As a result, lace hair systems are always recommended to persons who lead an active lifestyle or reside in hotter areas. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new hairpiece, we have some tips for you to extend the life of your existing hair system.

Make your lace hair system last longer.

Lace hair systems typically last 4-6 months, but if care and storage instructions are followed, they can last nearly a year. Some men get lace wigs every two months in order to switch up their appearance. On the other hand, others only get new lace wigs when their previous ones are no longer suitable. In brief, if you look after your lace hair systems properly, they will last a long time.

When considering a significant purchase, it’s natural to have concerns such as: What is the product’s expected lifespan? Will it fall apart after a few uses? What is the best way for me to maintain and care for it? What can I do to make it last longer? These are the same kinds of inquiries that people have when purchasing a hair system. We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions concerning hairpiece longevity and hairpiece maintenance guidelines so you can make an informed decision:

These are all typical blunders that can destroy lace hair systems.

1. Over-dyeing.

You can technically color your hair system, but we don’t advocate doing so too frequently because you risk entirely damaging it. Some hairpieces, such as those made of actual hair, are easier to color than others. Please don’t assume that the more time the hair dye is in the hair, the more color it will have!

This is the myth of the blunder. Remember that the hair color should not be left in the hair for more than 1 hour. Rinse the hairpiece with lukewarm water until the water flows clean. Hairpieces may generally withstand at least three dyeings and still look wonderful. You can dye your extensions more than three times if you continue going darker and darker from the previous color, but ensure that you wash, rinse, and condition them carefully.

2. Over-bleaching.

Hair systems, like natural hair, can be dyed to change your appearance instantly. To bleach a hairpiece, you can use baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. After bleaching, air-drying it and avoiding heat styling, it might help it keep its shine for longer. Excess bleach in the hair might cause it to get damaged, reducing the longevity of your hairpiece. You should only keep bleach on your hair for 30 minutes at the most. If you leave it any longer, you risk major damage, like brittle strands.

3. Washing and conditioning lace hair replacement systems with toxic agents.

Hairpieces will last a long time if you take the time to care for them. If you wash, dry, detangle, and keep them carefully, you should be able to use them for several months. To keep your hairpiece looking natural for months, make sure to apply high-quality cleaning and care solutions and stick to a cleaning regimen. If you store a lace hair system without washing and conditioning it, your men’s lace wig will be a disaster when you return to it. Hair system users should wash their hair once or twice a week on average. Washing your hair too often can cause dryness because it isn’t getting the natural oils from your scalp. Washing your hair more than once or twice a week isn’t necessary. Please don’t overdo it with the shampoo! When washing your hair, avoid rubbing it or using a circular motion.

Alternatively, detangle with a vent brush with nodules on the end or a broad tooth comb by gently smoothing the shampoo through the hair in one way. To keep your hair system being lovely and soft, use the same procedure with the conditioner. When cleaning your hair system, make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold. If at all feasible, use lukewarm, or room temperature water to preserve the hydration in the hair and avoid adhesives from breaking down.

4. Excessive use of styling equipment.

The first guideline of hair systems is to avoid using heat unless the wig is designated explicitly as heat-resistant or heat-friendly. Hot styling appliances, such as flat irons or hair dryers will melt or burn the strands, causing the hairpiece to fall out. Stronghold gels are tough to wash from the hair; thus, we never advocate them. Because hair systems tend to keep their style, frequent straightening and the application of heat aren’t required. Your hair system will be in better shape if you utilize less heat.

5. Storing lace hairpieces in a filthy cabinet or box.

Putting a wig away is similar to changing your outfit every season; you may choose to keep your summer wigs in the winter and vice versa! Wigs should be stored carefully to extend their lifespan and keep them in the finest possible shape so that you can appear and feel terrific. Simply put your fully dried hairpiece in a clean, moisture-free box to store it, and you’re done.


Proper maintenance of a hair system requires no more effort or time than caring for natural hair; all you need are a few products created specifically for hair systems to keep your hairpiece in good shape at home. Using suitable, high-quality shampoos and conditioners, washing your hairpiece regularly, correctly drying your hairpiece, detangling it, and storing the hair system after you’ve finished cleaning it is all part of good hair system care. Depending on the hair system you have, it’s critical to use solutions designed for synthetic or human hair strands.