4 Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Men That Work Wonders

Hair loss is a common problem among adult males, and it is becoming an increasingly alarming issue. With the rising beauty standards every day, men are becoming more and more conscious about their looks and appearance. Unfortunately, receding hairline, baldness, and hair thinning are seemingly inevitable blotches on their handsomeness. Hair loss is often a significant reason behind low self-esteem and confidence issues in men, and hence, we are all desperately searching for ways to regrow the fallen hair!

Interestingly, an adult male with about 100,000 hair strands loses about 100 of them every day. So, it is a natural process that comes with age and is not as distressing as we deem it to be. But, other than wild hair fall, aging, stress, medication, hormonal imbalance, etc., are various other reasons for hair loss. Are you a victim of such a hectic lifestyle? Are you tired of spending on expensive chemicals and treatments to retain your natural hair? Well, fortunately for you, we have a list of competent natural remedies to help you through this problem. And the best part? They are healthy, affordable, and much more effective than any other treatment. Let’s have a look:

1. Scalp Massage

Scalp massages are an excellent home treatment for hair loss in men as they help restore growth, and you can combine them with essential hair oils and masks to make it a soothing experience. Lavender, sandalwood, thyme, and rosemary oils are superior combinations that people have been using to treat hair loss for centuries. A typical compound compromising these plants is known for boosting hair growth in men. Rubbing any of this oil on your scalp for a few minutes will help you stimulate the blood flow to the head and improve the thickness of the hair.

It is also a relaxing process as scalp massages greatly help relieve stress, and the aromatherapy from the scents is conducive to reducing anxiety. The stretching and clenching of hair follicles during the massage help stimulate growth in dermal papilla cells of the hair. To help your hair absorb most nutrients, wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap after applying the oil; making this a nightly routine would undoubtedly lead to great results!

2. Natural Juices

Natural juices are highly favorable for hair regrowth like any other home treatment for hair loss in men. For instance, onion juice has suitable compounds like sulfur, which is excellent for treating alopecia areata. The idea is to use onion juice to wash your scalp twice a day, and the results are evident within two weeks.

Similarly, beetroot juice is also essential for the fast growth of hair, and it is very healthy to consume as a vegetable. Beetroot has vital nutrients like carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin C and B, phosphorous, and calcium. You will need a few leaves of this mineral-rich plant and a tablespoon of natural henna to boil and grind in two cups of water for the juice. Then after cooling it down, you have to apply it to the scalp, leave for about twenty minutes and rinse with warm water. Doing this thrice week has shown effective results in controlling hair fall, making the hair healthier, shinier, and more robust.

3. Coconut

There are two ways coconut can be beneficial for your hair treatment at home, milk, and oil. Coconut milk is rich in minerals, proteins, and essential fats, which effectively reduce hair breakage. It also has potassium which moistures and strengthens the hair by making it shiny and healthy. The milk itself has several antibacterial properties, which reduce further damage to your hair from dandruff and pollutants. You have to apply it to the scalp, leave it for about half an hour and wash it with cold hair. Doing this once a week promises effective results.

As for the oiling, coconut oil has fatty acids penetrating and traveling through the hair shaft and enriches them with protein. You can apply a little coconut oil even after the shower because it reduces dryness and chances of hair fall. In summers, however, when your hair naturally has enough moisture, you can do a nightly routine of oiling them with coconut oil and washing them before bed. You will indeed find your hair thicker within a few weeks of following this routine.

4. Hair Masks

Hair masks are essentially effective in promoting hair growth, but some are exceptionally good at it. For instance, egg-mask is an excellent home treatment for hair loss in men because eggs are rich in protein, zinc, phosphorous, Sulphur, selenium, and iodine. All these nutrients help in enhancing the quality of the hair. For the mask, you will need to separate egg white in a bowl and add some honey and olive oil. After beating the paste, apply it from the root to the end of each hair strand and leave it on for twenty minutes. Use anti-DHT shampoo to wash off and see the results within a week or two!

Another great mask for hair is to use diluted oil of lemon – it enriches your hair with the required nutrients and stimulates growth. So, when life gives you lemons, make a hair mask! You can squeeze fresh lemon juice or extract lemon oil and apply it to your scalp to maintain a healthy head of hair. Leave the applied juice or oil for about fifteen minutes, then thoroughly wash it with shampoo. You can combine the lemon essential oil with other carrier masks to make the hair mask. It is a great way to regain the shine of your hair and achieve a younger-looking appearance.


Despite the increasing use and advertisement of chemical-bound hair products and transplants, home treatment for hair loss in men remains the best option. With just a few ingredients in your kitchen, you can make pastes, oil, masks, and juices which last for weeks. These natural remedies are more affordable, healthy, and effective!