Gears that An Experienced Hair System Wearer Use

Putting on and removing hair becomes convenient when you have appropriate tools. When you are investing in tools, expert advice will surely be valuable.

Sam is one of the hair system specialists who has been using it for years. After using multiple tools, he has made a useful inventory for himself. Now he just takes out a few tools and fixes the hair system on the head in a few minutes.

Sam has lots of regrets regarding the tool selection, but he does not want you to go through the same. Therefore, he has prepared a guide to help select the right products.

Best Tools for Fix Hair System

Lots of people watch Sam’s videos and reviews regarding the tools and equipment. The hundreds of questions like where he got these tools and how can a person use them? Compelled him to list the main and most useful tools he uses.

Three-way Mirror

First of all, Sam uses his three-way mirror. You can hang it on the door or wall and set it according to your requirement. Whether you are removing or putting on a hair system, it will show you your head from every angle. It is also helpful in shaping a beard.

It is a must-have product if you apply the hair system by yourself. It usually comes with antenna-type hooks that you can conveniently hang on your door. Apart from that, this three-way mirror comes with integrated LED light.

Light is a very beneficial aspect as the shades in the room, and dim light do not let you perform your task professionally. You can long press the button to increase brightness and again long press it to reduce brightness.

When you have this mirror, you do not need to look around for help. Even Sam cannot go for a trip or anywhere without it. It is a great helping hand for any hair system emergency.


Little spatulas? Does it sound weird to you? It should not because these are one of the most useful and affordable tools in the hair system inventory. The little spatulas are not used to apply the glue, but they are used to set the hair system afterward.

Once you have applied the glue and think the corners are a little flapped off, you can take a little bit of glue on it and apply it to fix it. Sam uses these spatulas religiously as they help set the hair system without creating a mess.


How you apply adhesive on the base is the most asked question. For this purpose, Sam only believes in Ultra Hold. This is the best glue if you keep the hair system on for 3 to 5 days. Although they claim to hold the hair system for 3 to 5 weeks, Sam says this is not true. It can be effective for you as the functionality depends on your body and glues chemistry.

This is the best glue with an easy application system. It does not dry up even after many months. Ultra-hold stays also retain original consistency for a long while. However, if you want to get a hand on any other glue, you can look for a bottle with a similar seal and shape. Otherwise, it won’t be functional after a week because they get hard and become difficult to apply.

Flux Brushes

After applying glue to the base, Sam spread it with the help of Flux brushes. These are tiny brushes with medium-soft bristles. These brushes come with long bristles, so Sam advises cutting short, leaving the length half an inch. Otherwise, the bristles will stick to the glue and start shedding. To avoid it, hold them strongly and firmly, and cut them straight with the help of a sharp scissor.


As many people ask Sam what you do after taking your hair system off and how you clean yourself, Sam suggests using the best exfoliator. After thoroughly washing their head with shampoo and applying conditioner, he applies the Strawberry Sugar Food Mask.

The mask consistency is almost equal to a jam with a sandy touch. Take the mask on the hand and apply it to the head in the form of a layer. Then gently rub it and wash it off.

Final Things to Remember about Hair System Tools

These are the major products that Sam uses to use their hair system. Apart from that, Sam also suggests using a photo finisher for extra shine at the edges and then a dark brown powder. With the powder, you can cover the areas you find visible and hard to cover.

According to Sam, all these tools come in handy when you have a good hair system. For this purpose, he suggests only the trustable brand LaVivid. It is a kind of treasure house for the people willing to get a hand on the best hair system.

Sam is LaVivid’s regular user, so their discount offer extends to his followers. You must mention SHS15 in the coupon box to get 15% off. You will not only get a natural-looking hair system, but it will also last long.