Grandpa’s Toupee Has Become A History

When we were little, like about 20 years ago, we often heard people make fun of others who are wearing a toupee or a wig. Quotes like ‘dead squirrel’, ‘bad rugs’ and even Toupee the word itself has become a joke.

At that time, people who wear a toupee fears windy weathers because sometimes a hard wind can blow off the hair piece. I clearly remember a video in which a man drives a car slowly passing under a tree and a branch just hook his hair away! Well, it is a spoof video, however, it reveals people’s opinion about hair toupee at that time.


grandpa's toupee
grandpa’s toupee

Times have changed and everything has developed to a higher level including men’s hair toupee. Techniques are upgraded, the hair and materials used to make the toupee is better and anti-allergic, and natural looking appearance has become the number one factor to consider when our factories make the hair systems. In LaVivid Hair, we hear from our dearest customers and we learn from their feedbacks and we make improvements accordingly. Our mission is to provide the most comfortable and natural looking hair system available on the market.

Maybe you have noticed that people don’t call it toupee anymore nowadays. Instead it has a new name called hair system or hair replacement system or only hair replacement.

When a person you don’t know wearing a hair system and stand in front of you, you have no idea he is wearing one. You even wouldn’t notice his hair at all because it looks just like his own hair.

Here are some photos of our customers wearing our human hair toupee and you will understand what I am saying. (We are approved by them to publish their pictures here)

hair system before after
hair system before after

Pictures speak for themselves. The similarity of a hair system in today with your own hair can reach as high as 99%. People would never realize this is not your own hair. Hair systems have truly changed the game.

If you want to give it a try, please feel free to contact us through and we are happy to walk you through all the steps to find one best suitable hair piece.

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