How Is a Hair System made at LaVivid?

LaVivid’s vision is to provide the most natural, comfortable and suitable hair replacement systems for men who are experiencing hair loss or a receding hairline. As the easiest non-surgical solution for men’s hair loss, it is like magic.

hair system before and after
hair system before and after

But how is a hair system made? How are they so natural and undetectable? Read on to find out.

Creating the Template

LaVivid offers a customization service, so you can have a hair system uniquely made for you. You can customize the density, hair texture, hair style, base construction, and hair color. For a custom fit hair system, you can make a head template and sent it to us. Alternatively, you can send us an old hair system of yours so we can replicate the size.

make a template
make a template

Hair System Base Designing

design the hair system base

After we receive your template and your base type preferences, we will begin preparing the hair system base, whether it is a lace base, skin base or a combined base.

make the base

The base in the pictures is a combined base of lace in the center and polyskin around. The lace was first applied onto the mold. Then tape was applied along the base outline. Then polyurethane was applied to the gap between two lines of tapes. When the polyurethane was dry, the tapes were removed to get the line of polyurethane around the lace base.

Matching the Hair Sample

prepare hair

We will firstly see if your hair sample matches any of our current hair shades in our library. If it doesn’t match any, we will dye the hair on the hair system to the same color as your hair sample.

After we match the color, we will prepare the hair by screening out unhealthy hair and making sure all the hair is facing in the same direction.

Inject Each Hair into the Base

hair injection

hair injection

The injection technique creates the most natural hair growth look. However, it is the most time-consuming ventilation method. Our craftsman injects each strand of hair into the base, which will require at least 60 hours work in total.

After the process is complete, there will be around 8’’ hair on one side of the base and 2 inches on the other side of the cap.

Seal the Base

seal the base

Then the base is turned inside out and the short hair is fastened onto the mold. Plastic wrap is used to wrap the rest of the hair and to help shave off any excess hair.

The hair roots are ironed, and a layer of polyurethane is applied to seal the hair roots.

Style your hair system

The last step is for you to apply your hair system and get it styled!

For some people, it might not easy to find a professional hairstylist who can fit in the hair system for you since not all hairstylists can apply men’s hair systems. Don’t worry. LaVivid hair provides a pre-style service and we can cut the base to your size and cut the hair to the hairstyle you want and it only costs $40. Contact us if you are interested.

Any more questions please feel free to contact us at and our experts are more than happy to help you out.

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