Natural Wigs For Men

Not only women, but also men like to wear natural real hair wigs for hair loss. Because even the wigs for men look deceptively real and convince with their pleasant wearing comfort. Above all, men with wigs with real hair hardly feel that they are wearing a hair replacement. Whether wig or hair piece, it should definitely be real hair.

natural men's wig
natural men’s wig

There are more people wearing wigs than you might think, you may not notice why, when choosing a suitable natural wig, it is almost imperceptible. The reasons for wearing a wig range from mild hair loss, severe hair loss or some medical treatment such as chemotherapy.

According to psychologist Marianne LaFrance, who coordinated a study at Yale University on this subject, hair is very important in terms of sociological implications. A good hair day makes us feel safer, sociable and better overall. A natural hair wig is a perfect alternative for anyone who has problems with their hair, whether baldness or otherwise.

Wigs are a necessary solution for those men who, for one reason or another, suffer from baldness, but are also an ideal complement for those who want to change their style frequently or try out a new hairstyle.


Wig Options Available for Men

Currently there are a few kinds of men’s wigs available on the market and they are full wigs, half wigs, and clip on toppers.

A Full Men’s Wig is in full size and can cover a man’s whole head. It is made for people who are totally bald or have hair thinning all over the head.

men's full wig
men’s full wig

While a half wig, which is also called a toupee, hair piece or men’s hair system, is used to only cover the area of hair loss and incorporates with your own natural hair. Usually it is for people who have hair thinning on the top or crown which is known as male pattern baldness. To wear a toupee, you need to use glue or tape to bond it onto the scalp.

men's half wig
men’s half wig

While a clip on topper is used for people have minus hair thinning and want to add hair volume. To wear a clip on topper, they need to have enough hair of their own to hold the clips.

What Makes A Wig or Toupee Natural?

Natural human hair wigs are longer lasting and more discreet than synthetic ones but also cost more. When buying a wig, you should take into mind the type of hair with which it is made, its retention system and weight, among other factors.

Each wig has a set that decides on its appearance, fit and comfort and therefore also on the price. It is the inner tissue framework, which can be constructed in different ways.

It is also possible to equip each wig with a so-called film attachment on the forehead. This film approach consists of the finest tulle and is also called lace front. It is so transparent that your own scalp shines through. The knotted hair looks like it has grown out of your own scalp. A wig with a lace front can hardly be distinguished from your own hair.


Common fastening methods:

  • semipermanent
  • nonpermanent
  • permanent

This type of attachment is very useful for excessive sweating or a very sensitive scalp that tends to become inflamed. For semi-permanent attachment, the toupee is attached with adhesive strips . Thus, the toupee straps can remove the hair piece and stick it on again, depending on their personal feelings.

This type of attachment offers more security than other types. Special advanced skin glue is used for this . This means that the toupees cannot slip off their heads even when there is a lot of tension. They even stay in place while diving and swimming.

For permanent attachment, all residual hair should be removed from the wig on the head. Otherwise the skin adhesive will not hold properly. Synthetic hair toupees are not suitable for the type of attachment . Real hair should be used for this.


What You Need To Know About Natural Hair Wigs Specially For Mens

Although there are people who research long before purchasing a wig, there are times when the need comes on suddenly, as in the case of illness. Whatever the situation, many questions about the purchase may arise. In this section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions.

How to put on a natural hair wig?

As we have already said, there are many reasons why a men wears a wig, whether permanently, temporarily or sporadically. Also, it can be a very fun addition, but especially the first few times, putting it on can be tricky. The following steps will help you get it right:

The first step is to straighten the hair, either by wrapping the hair around the head or by braiding it from the root to decrease the volume.

It is also important to clean the skin, especially in the area where natural hair is born, so that the wig can adhere well. One way to clean well is with an alcohol-moistened gauze.

One thing to look as natural as possible is to hold it by the back of your head and gently shake it down. This will make it looser and more moving.

Put the edge of the wig – the contour of the mesh – matching the natural birth of your hair.

A good reference to know if the wig is well placed are the chops. Make sure they are in the correct position and both are at the same height.

Comb your wig with your fingers to look lighter.

So this was our brief and detailed guide about the natural wigs for men’s. We covered each and every possible point which have to be considered before buying the wig. So, if you still have any confusion or doubts about any kind of wig.

If you are looking for a partial wig aka men’s hair replacement system or a full cap wig to cover the whole head, feel free to contact us through and our experts will help you out.

Have a nice one!!!

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