Prometheus Men’s Hair System Will become Your New Favorite Hair Ever

The most basic function that a hair system should have is a natural appearance. Check out the picture on the right for what the hair parting looks like on our Prometheus hair replacement system. If I didn’t tell you that was a men’s wig, you may have just thought that it was a head of a real person. Today I am introducing you to our “I lace” toupee Prometheus.

lavivid new arrival toupee
lavivid new arrival toupee

Prometheus has a Silk top base, with a half an inch lace front with hair and half an inch without hair and 1 inch of thin PU around the sides and the back.

For the Silk top, a tri-layer system is used, meaning that when the hair is knotted, the knots are concealed between the layers, the hair is then injected through the silk, making the knots 100% invisible and giving the illusion that the hair is growing from your own scalp.

From the below picture, you can see that the knots are made onto the middle layer called Swiss silk, and the hair is injected out through the floss silk. Furthermore, a layer of diamond silk is added to contact your skin.

most realistic silk base
silk base

This construction hides the knots perfectly and provide a vivid scalp looking appearance and a comfortable feeling.

The front lace part is made of super fine swiss lace and lace fronts are known for yielding a natural front hairline.

The polyskin around the base allows you to put tapes on to attach to your scalp securely. This style is also very easy to get removed and cleaned. This will save you a lot of time in the daily care routine of this system.

Before we launch this style, we sent it to a few people to try out to see how it feels from our customers’ point of view. The feedback we received was all great and they loved the look and feel of Prometheus. Three out of five volunteers claimed that this was their favorite style ever.

hair system look
hair system look

Prometheus has a hair density of 130% and if you also are looking for a thick head of hair, then this is the one.

Prometheus is designed for people who are around 20-30 years old and desire lush and healthy hair. It is a luxurious style for people in pursuit of the perfect hair system. The satisfaction and confidence that Prometheus can bring you is invaluable.

Visit to get a great deal on this fabulous hair system. We are confident that Prometheus will become your new favorite style too. Start your journey with this fantastic system NOW.

Any more questions please contact us at and our experts will help you out.

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