My Experience of Using Spray Fiber and a Hair System

My name is Michael. I am 30 years old and I work as a salesperson in California. I am a very active person and I like to go to the gym whenever I can.

I started losing my hair when I was around 20. It had a significant impact on me, and I desperately needed a solution.

I searched online for hair loss solutions and found a spray fiber product. It was advertised as super easy and quick to use, so I decided to give it a try. I tried it out and for the most part it did its job and I was very happy with it. Time passed and I attended my brother’s wedding. People started to tell me that my hair color looked different. In all the wedding pictures, my hair was ginger. My hair is not ginger, but you really have no control over what the fibers going to do with the light that you are in.

Sadly, things got worse with the fibers. It got on my pillowcases, couches, inside my hats and more. Whenever someone touched my hair, it got on their hand. Everywhere I was, it left a mark. When I wore fibers to go out, I would constantly think about whether I have left any fibers in the places I was at. I would worry about this and could not focus on my work but only on my hair. I started to behave very cautiously to avoid these awkward moments. If I sat on someone’s sofa, I would monitor how I sat and not put my head comfortably so that fibers didn’t get on their sofa.

My life became controlled by the fibers. I would think about my hair like 50 times a day, whether it was at work, in line at the coffee shop or at a restaurant. I would become especially self-conscious if I was in a bright place and if there was any light shining on my head. The fiber was ruining my life. I didn’t feel like a normal person anymore. Experiencing hair loss affected my career too. I am in sales. When I met someone in person, I would opt to meet in a dimly lit place as I was so conscious of the lighting. When I was in a meeting, I would always be the one to sit at the back or in the corner because I didn’t want people behind me to see the back of my head and notice the fibers.

I was a no person. I remember saying no to many things which I really wanted to do. It changed a lot of things in my life and changed my behavior and my personality. After two years of using the spray hair fiber, I finally made the decision to stop using it. Just stop.

I searched online again looking for other hair loss solutions that might work for me. I saw before and after pictures of people wearing a hair replacement system and was shocked by the results. I spent almost a year searching for hair systems online and finally decided to order from one company.

The hair system arrived quickly. When I opened the box I just freaked out. I took it and didn’t know what to do next. I threw it on my head, and I realized this was not for me. The color was off, the hair was too long, and I didn’t look good. I thought I might have made a mistake on this. I put it in my closet and didn’t touch it.

One day I went to a restaurant and the person who was sitting next to me just kept looking at my hair and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I almost got up and left.

I went home and took the system out and I said this is the time. I’ve come so far in this process. Why not complete it and try it out to see whether it will wok.

I took the hair system to several salons and realized they all don’t know how to apply a hair system. I finally found someone who had a lot experience in men’s hair systems, and I asked him to do mine for me.

The moment he was done I looked in the mirror and was thrilled at how it looked. My hair looks real and it was the first time since I was 20 that I had a full head of hair and it was an uplifting moment.

After that I went to a restaurant and sat right at the bar and chose to sit right under a bright light. The waitress arrived and asked me what I wanted, and I waited for her to stare at my hair and notice my hair system, but she didn’t. She took my order and then left to serve someone else.

I looked at two other men and a couple next to me and no one looked at me. Definitely no one treated me differently. When I walked on the street, I no longer felt self-conscious

My hair was ruining my life, but getting this new hair system was the best thing I’ve ever done.