How to Keep Your Front Hairline Always Clean?

People who wear hair systems all prefer lace front or full lace hair systems in pursuit of the most natural front hairline. However, you might have noticed a common issue that goes with lace hair systems. Airborne dust can easily accumulate along the front hairline making it looks untidy and dirty. This is absolutely not what we want and today we are going to share with you one simple method to keep your hairline always clean.

Cleaning the front hairline should be done as a routine like 2-3 days a time. So in this way, you will have a clean and natural looking front hairline at all times. Below is the steps for how to clean your front hairline.


Things You will Need

  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Paper Towel
  • Glue
  • Blow Dryer


Clean the Hairline without Lifting the Base Edge

Firstly, use a hair clip to hold the hair back. Pour proper amount of 99% isopropyl alcohol onto the paper towel, and wipe out any visible dirt or residue very gently. Please make sure you wide downward away from your hair, so you will not loose the bond and the edge still attaches to your scalp perfectly.


Lift the Edge, Clean it and Re-bond

If the front hairline is quite a mess and you might want to life the edge, clean it thoroughly and reattach it down. Apply lace release or a solvent you use onto the front hairline and gently lift the edge up.

Once the front edge is lifted, use a cotton swab to apply a bit more solvent to remove any residue off your scalp and the hair system base. You can repeat this process until all the residue is removed.


Then apply glue onto this area and use a blow dry to dry it a little bit and press the front edge down. Then you will have a brand new front hairline again. This whole process only takes around 10 minutes.


Generally, if you are a lace hair wearer, you need to make sure your front hairline always looks clean. Try to make this as a routine and you don’t need to worry about people might notice you are wearing a hair system any more.

Any more questions please feel free to contact us at and we are really happy to help.

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