How to Measure Your Hair Loss Area at Home

Whether you want to know how much base size you will need when purchasing a stock hair system, or you want to place a custom order and a template is required, today we are showing you how to do the measurement and even make a template in an very easy way.

  1. Locate Your Front Hairline

If you don’t have a growing hairline, it is easy to find it. Usually it is four fingers width away from your eyebrow. Or there is another way to confirm. Raise your eyebrow as high as you can and then run your finger up your forehead to find the joint point of the soft tissue and hard tissue. Make a mark and that is the point where your hairline should start.


  1. Measure the length from front to back

Measure from front hairline to where your hair loss stops at the back of your head and write down the number.


  1. Measure the Widest Area of Hair Loss Area

Measure the widest area of your hair loss area from one side to the other.


  1. Measure the Second Width

Measure the width where is 10cm vertically from your front hairline towards back.


  1. Measure the Third Width

Measure the width where is 5cm vertically from the edge of your hair loss area in the back towards the top of your head.

Now you have all the numbers and you just need to draw a picture like above and link all the points and you will get a simple version of a template. Or you can tell us the numbers and we will make a template for you.

Also, if you can provide with us what front contour you like and we will make a template that is more suitable for you.

If you’d like to place a custom order with us, please also send us a few pictures of your hair loss area and we will get a better idea what size of a hair system you will need. Any more questions please feel free to contact us at and we are more than happy to help you out.

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