Best Men’s Toupee Offering Perfect Front Hairline and Breathability At The Same Time

For people who wear men’s toupee, they pay a lot of attention to the front hairline. Whether the front hairline is natural looking or not decides whether the hair system is successfully fitted or not. 0.02mm thick poly hair system offer the most natural and realistic front hairline without no doubt. However, the poly base is not breathable at all. If I tell you, there is one style that has the perfect front hairline and also be breathable at the same time, will you be interested to give it a try?

Below is LaVivid Eros Men’s ultra thin skin hair system and it is only 0.02mm-0.03mm thick. The hair is v-looped all over the base, so it has the most realistic front hairline ever.

Cons of Eros Men’s ultra thin skin hair system

Since the base is so thin that it is very delicate and it requires you to handle it very gently while putting it on or removing it. Otherwise, you might rip the base and ruin it. Also because of this, it cannot last as long as thick bases. Another con of this style is that it is not breathable. However, many people would rather to embrace all these drawbacks, only to have the most natural front hairline.


The Best Men’s Toupee Having the Most Natural Hairline and Breathability At The Same Time

Well, actually there is one style that has the pros of Eros men’s hair system and also corrects all the cons of it. It is a hybrid that has 0.02mm thin skin in the front hairline part and swiss lace in the back, thus providing the perfect hairline in the front and also breathability in the back. This is truly the best of both worlds. Also this construction is stronger than only poly as the base.

Tips While Wearing This Style

For the front poly part, you need to use glue because tape will rip it apart. When you choose glue, you need to choose one that based on your body chemistry and works for you. White glues like Ghost Bond or Great White will have the easiest clean up. The Davlyn Black adhesive also works very well.

For the excess skin in the front, you need to trim it off before applying it. First wet the hair and slick it straight back, then use small manicuring scissors. You want to trim as absolutely as close to the hair as possible without cutting the actual hairs. You may clip a couple and that’s fine but just use your thumb and index finger to keep the hair back as you go section by section. It can be kind of meticulous but makes all the difference.


If you also want a style like this, please contact us through and our experts will assist you to make one just for you.

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