Fundamentals of the Swiss Lace Hair System

Swiss lace hair system is a great choice available for people with hair loss. Today we will illustrate the reasons and the properties of a swiss lace hair toupee.

Do you know what is a lace hair system?

Lace hair system is a soft, airy and invisible base material for human hair wig. It always renders a natural look where nobody can notice the scalp skin beyond the lace net as it seems to be concealed. People can also experience comfort and density like original hair, even in hot climate. It is considered popular amongst all the hair systems opted by men across the globe.

Why lace hair system?

People can suffer from the problem of hair fall, baldness or hair thinning. It is difficult to accept that “baldness is beautiful”, but some men do it by shaving off or just with short buzz cut. All men with this issue still deserve to maintain their hairstyle by making a decision to choose a “non-surgical and non-invasive hair system”, which helps them to regain their confidence.

As we all know that hair fall treatment can be frustrating, expensive and time-consuming. However, Swiss lace hair system is a non-surgical hair replacement for people who are suffering with the problem of complete or partial hair loss at a younger age due to health conditions. These lace systems are becoming extremely popular and have complete natural hairlines for men embarrassed with hair loss. They are available in a variety of styles for anyone to get a good looking hairstyle at an affordable price to get rid of their hair thinning problem without any medication.


The base of Swiss lace hair system seems to be extensively soft, entirely invisible and dense. It covers the different exposed sections of the scalp and comes in different types and styles according to the requirement of people. It gives an elegant gentlemanly look from unpleasant bald appearance.

The Swiss lace hair system is euro-touch human hair available in various natural colors. This also gives an original feel to the user whereby one can take shower with it, comb, sleep and so on. The hair texture in this non-surgical hair replacement is delicate and smooth. It is known to be the best hair texture among all. It is durable and base design with the thickness of 0.10mm having a life span of 9 to 12 months.


Who can go with Swiss lace hair system?

There is no age criteria, people with severe hair loss facing difficulty to face the world of any age from young adults to old aged can use this method.


There are so many methods in today’s market for your hair thinning/ baldness, let us look at some benefits of the Swiss hair replacement system and why people have chosen to use it.

  • Swiss lace hair systems are non-surgical

In hair replacement surgery, anesthesia is given, few people experience pain and discomfort after the surgery and painkillers are prescribed but non-surgical method of lace system is easy and comfortable.

  • Cost-effective

Usually people who choose hair transplant or hair wigs invest huge amounts of money but people who are not willing to invest more can go with Swiss lace hair replacement system which is relatively more affordable.


  • Lightweight

One more benefit of this hair patch is its lightweight feature as it has got transparent net-like base giving it its natural hair density.


  • No side effects

Swiss lace hair replacement system doesn’t have any side effects such as producing sweat, itching, irritation, bad smell. You can also apply shampoo, oil or conditioner without any fear.


For short hair, the Swiss trim hair system can hold up to medium-light thickness at the maximal. Its transitional thickness hairline renders astounding realness in any light. Most of them like it for its lightness and blustery feel. People with long hair can be recommended with light density or even less. Since the Swiss lace hair system is delicate and smooth, it is very important to have careful maintenance. Its life span is lesser than the French lace hair system.

Depending on the need of the person based on their hair density, hair color, wavy/ curly hair type, the Swiss lace hair system has to be custom-made. It is magnificient and perfect for making the front-hair lace system.

Characteristics of Swiss Hair Lace Styles

  • Lace hair pieces are realistic, comfortable and breathable.
  • Lace hair toupee/hair piece for men can fit hair length with 5~6 inches.
  • It’s easy to trim to any size according to your need with different styles without being worried about the hair length.
  • On the basis of the permanent attachment, it can last for 3-6 months.
  • Wearability time may vary depending on the individual and their maintenance level.


Maintenance Tips

  • In order to attach the Swiss lace hair system on scalp, glue or liquid adhesive is recommended.
  • Swiss lace hair system should not be soaked in water for a longer duration.
  • Conditioner/shampoo application must not be done to the base.
  • If you feel that adhesive is getting loose, detach it immediately and clean it thoroughly prior to re-attaching it.


There is no need to fear to perform daily activities anymore! Now with the Swiss lace hair system, you can get back your lost confidence and enjoy your life by going out with your family, playing with your kids and hanging out with your friends and colleagues.

Make a right decision today regarding your appearance and how you see yourself by choosing a natural look with Swiss lace hair system!

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