What is the Best Hair regrowth Treatment for Men?

Many individuals seek hair regrowth treatment for men. Some people want to cover bald patches, whereas others intend to enrich their looks. No matter the reason, there are ways to regrow hair. You may choose the option that fits your specific condition and budget. All it takes is the choice of an ideal solution.

Options on hair regrowth treatment for men

When it comes to hair loss issues, many males believe the infomercials and commercials they see during movie and TV show breaks. Sadly, most of the so-called effective products are useless. Many individuals finish up wasting their time and money. Some folks even incur a series of side effects after taking those solutions. If you’re serious about the right treatment, here are your options.

Drugs for hair regrowth


While it may sound unbelievable, it’s true. Certain drugs are known to regrow hair. Rogaine or Minoxidil is a popular mention in this respect. Although the drug wasn’t designed for hair issues, it delivers fruitful results. The medication was formulated for heart and other cardiovascular problems.

However, these drugs have a positive impact on hair. Essentially, they widen your blood vessels. This, in turn, assures more nutrients, oxygen, and blood reach your hair follicles. Wide vessels also enhance the flow of blood to your scalp.

The result is a lush of hair you ever wished. However, Rogaine or Minoxidil, a reliable hair regrowth treatment for men, works for thin hair or small bald spots. Plus, users may encounter certain side effects in the form of nausea or fatigue. It’s best to consult your doctor before taking any of these drugs.

Surgery as a hair regrowth option

Hair transplant

Today, medical science has made substantial advancements. Things which were considered impossible in the past are now possible, thanks to techniques and technological advances. Hair transplant is one such area that has garnered immense attention from folks battling hair loss and related issues.

Instead of cursing your ancestors’ genes, you can now enjoy a lush of hair on your head. Whether you struggle with male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, thinning hair, or other issues, hair surgery is the solution. Even if you’re totally bald, you can harvest the perks of hair transplant surgery.

Essentially, hair transplant aims at implanting hairs on bald patches. Once the surgery is over, you could see noticeable results. The only downside of hair surgery is it’s costly. People with a slim budget may not be able to enjoy this treatment due to the cost factor. Also, some patients experience certain side effects after surgery.

Non surgical hair regrowth options

Laser treatment

Many rich people stay clear of hair transplants. They don’t fear the high cost. Rather, they’re scared of cuts and incisions they’ve to undergo during the process. If you’re one such individual, consider laser hair treatment. The procedure is a non-invasive treatment for hair loss.

Instead, lasers are used to target hair follicles. Essentially, the treatment aims at reducing the inflammation in hair follicles that hampers the regrowth process. Usually, low-level laser therapy is employed for male pattern baldness. However, further advancements have paved the path for other hair loss patterns too.

Compared to hair transplant, laser treatment is a far cost-effective option. However, hair transplant outsmarts laser treatment in terms of better results. As such, laser therapy is best suited for folks that are just experiencing hair loss or have less bald spots of smaller magnitudes.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy

It’s another non-surgical hair regrowth treatment for men. In this treatment, the doctor takes some blood from your body and spins it to segregate platelets from other cells. Finally, your doctor puts the platelets into the liquid portion of the blood, the plasma.

You may wonder what does that matter. Well, platelets have hundreds of special proteins that aid healing and regrow hair. The doctor injects PRP into the scalp using a tiny needle. The growth factors (proteins) stimulate or create new hair follicles.

After a few sessions, you may notice thicker, fuller hair. There are hardly any side effects of the treatment. Also, the treatment cost doesn’t hurt your finances much.


The therapy has been in existence for years. Back then, it was practiced for treating wrinkles and scars only. However, its perks for hair loss have manifested in the past few decades. In recent times, micro-needling has been applied to the human scalp. The good news is its positive effects have life-changing results for those suffering from hair loss issues.

So, what is micro-needling? It’s a therapy wherein intentional wounds are inflicted. The wounds are tiny, but they play a key role during the repair cycle. When skin gets damaged, it passes through a cycle of three stages – inflammation, proliferation, and maturation.

The inflammation that takes place during recovery leads to the production (proliferation) of new cells. Those new cells, in turn, contain healthy follicles, enabling the regrowth of strong and healthy hair.

Best hair regrowth treatment for males

Hair toupees or hair extensions

Today, most people are out of time for anything. They don’t want to expend time undergoing surgical or non-surgical treatment. They’re interested in a quick, safe solution on a budget. If you’re one such individual, consider using wigs or hair toupees.

Within no time, you could pick an ideal toupee matching your face and head. You may buy one or as many toupees as you want. The choice is yours. All you should do is check a reliable outlet such as lavividhair.com to pick the best hair extension product.

The service offers plenty of options to choose from. Surf the wide assortment of products to make an ideal choice. If you feel lost with so many options, don’t worry. Just get in touch with the support for help. They’ll let you pick the best product matching your specifics and wallet.

Bottom line

Bald patches need not let you down, thanks to so many options to combat the problem. However, if you need a quick, safe resolution for bald patches or wish to enrich your persona without surgery and side effects, then hair extensions are the best hair regrowth treatment for men. Visit https://www.lavividhair.com/salon-shop and you could find a suitable wig, toupee, or other hair extensions for your head.

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