How to Choose the Perfect Lace Front Hair System Tape?

The hair system tape is a lace base with an attached human hair wig. The non-surgical hair replacement industry has experienced the introduction of modern full lace and lace front wigs. Typically, these latest innovations give the impression that hair is growing from the scalp since the wig is attached to the bow.

This post gives some helpful tips and advice on how to select the perfect lace front hair system by analyzing four necessary aspects used to design it.

Capillary System for Your Skin

Also known as the second skin membrane that’s gas-permeable and thin. It features hair strands attached to a polythene skin, rolled up, and reinforced by a silicone layer. Hence, this gives the feeling as if the hair is growing from the wearer’s scalp.

In case you need it to appear more real, consider selecting colors that conform to your skin tone. Additionally, this hair system tape seems excellent with medium hair volume, and great for tape or liquid adhesives.

Complete Lace Hair Systems

These are also known as Silk/French hair replacement systems. When you place the tips employed in the systems, it’s quite difficult to notice them. The system tape also features loosely attached hair, which gives the impression that it’s growing from your scalp. It offers bleached knots, high-definition hairline, as well as invisible hand- or cross-stitched sections that add more strength.

The most sought-after Hollywood lace presently in the industry, bleached knots, fine density transition line, and invisible folds provide magnificent pragmatism in all lighting setups. The only demerit for it is the extra maintenance required. It’s challenging to clean and gets damaged easily. Despite this, it’s the perfect base you can find and allows for tape or liquid adhesives.

Frontal Hair Systems

If you are aiming at a more natural and highly durable base, then consider choosing this type. Besides, if you pay less attention to your hair but need a more natural hairline, consider selecting this foundation. You can use the lace hair system tape to achieve a more natural hair lace while using a more durable material for the rest of the system.

Hence, this means that such a hair system is a combination of lace, leather, and other conventional materials. The benefit of such a base is its thinner polyethylene layer located on its back and sides. Its purpose is to increase resistance and simplify the cleaning process. Also, this makes it slightly more durable than ones with full lace bottoms.

Conventional Capillary Hair Systems

These hair products are designed from the ultra-thin nylon core containing P.U. C-Thru or P.U-Coated section that’s highly durable. Additionally, hairs are injected into the skin to provide more stunning hairless ends. They feature polyethylene strips on both sides and back to allow for more natural cleaning. Furthermore, the central nylon part provides for comfortable wear.

These hair replacement products are great, but also not as comfortable and natural as lace and leather bases. However, if you lack uniformity in your hair, using them with a more advanced styling makes them more durable. It can last for a year and are ideal for film or liquid stickers.

For better customer experience, storage units come pre-made to allow you to try them out before purchasing from local stores. But you need to understand that these units are different when it comes to scalp construction, color, length of hair, and the bow color. This way, they present a wide variety of options for people to choose from. For instance, the African American race prefers Yaki since it resembles their hair texture, while Caucasians love silky and straight textures because of the resemblance.

Final Thoughts

Tape-in extensions have many advantages when you find the right ones. These include they are reusable, comfortable, excellent for thin hair, non-visible, easier to install, and do not damage the hair. Before purchasing the hair system tape, it’s imperative to understand various vital things. They include your age, lifestyle, occupation, hair type, hairline, and the color, density, and texture of your hair.

Choosing the right replacement is crucial to avoid making the wrong choices. Furthermore, when purchasing these products online, ensure you go through their descriptions thoroughly, and focus on your goals.

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