Don’t Over-care Your Hair, Don’t Be Fooled By These Mistakes

I believe that many people are troubled by the problem of hair loss. Every time I wash my hair and see the hair on the ground, I feel that the heart is clogged, and it is also very likely that the sewer will be stuffed together… The hair loss is probably due to improper It is caused by the way of care. Have you been misunderstood by these hair care, let’s take a look!

Now many people want to have a shiny and supple hair, and also to prevent their hairline from moving back prematurely. However, excessive hair care can cause hair loss more easily.


Myth 1: Excessive care

We know that we need to care for the ends of the hair to prevent split ends and knots. But if you have very thin hair, you still need to care for the roots, because fine hair is very easy to break. Over-care is another common misconception. Use enough care products to smooth out the knotted hair. Even if you only do care once a week, do not apply a lot of deep care products or hair masks. No matter how you care, you must rinse your hair and rinse off the residue on your hair with shampoo.


Misunderstanding 2: Not straightening hair before shampooing

Hair is very fragile when wet, and wet hair is more likely to knot. In order to prevent hair from knotting, be sure to straighten your hair before washing it. If you like to comb your hair during shampooing, apply your conditioner, and then use your fingers to straighten your hair, it is best to use a wide-tooth comb before washing off the conditioner.


Misunderstanding 3: Make foam on your hair

Make sure to apply foam to the palm of your hand. Just like using a facial cleanser, it is best to rub out a rich foam in the palm of your hand before it can easily remain and dissolve dirt better. Shampoo is also a reason. Squeeze it on your hair and knead it. First, the root of the scalp is easy to remain. Secondly, the foam is used to block the friction of the hair. How can you protect it by rubbing your hair? If the foam is not very good, just add a few drops of water. The hollow rubs quickly. In addition, I would like to go to the hair salon for dry cleaning as little as possible.


Misunderstanding 4: Put your hair on the top of your head and wash it

Push your hair from top to bottom to wash it. Don’t emphasize to me how soft you are when shampooing, because as long as you rub your hair, it’s not appropriate. Remember to pinch your hair from top to bottom to wash, the hair scales have no chance to turn up and mess up. This effect is immediate, and the softness of washing is comparable to using a conditioner! When washing, first open your hands, form a claw, and then insert it into the hair from top to bottom. After trying this trick, according to many people’s feedback, the hair is not as tangled as before.