Why Do So Many People Fear Baldness Without Wearing Men’s Toupee?

Most men with hereditary hair loss (or male pattern baldness) begin to notice hair loss at the age of 25/26. By the age of 20, about 20% of men will have at least some obvious hair loss. According to data from the American Hair Loss Association: About 25% of hereditary male hair loss patients begin to lose hair before the age of 21. By the age of 35, about 66% of men will experience some degree of hair loss. But few people in this group wear men’s toupee.
To sum up, there are probably the following reasons:
1.Personal self-esteem psychology: Wearing men hair system will make them feel different from others, they will care about the eyes of people around them, which makes them feel uneasy, afraid of being discovered by others, or feeling embarrassed after being discovered by these people. Will make most people refuse men hair system.
2.Some people think this is very funny, they don’t want to accept new things, they would rather be bald than try men hair system. There are a few people who think a bald head looks better than hair loss.
3.The price is too expensive. Now more and more hair salons in the United States and Europe are selling men hair system or providing wig services, but the price is very expensive. A wig may sell for eight or nine hundred dollars, and the good quality price may exceed one. Thousands of dollars, this is just the price of the wig. Customers also need to spend an extra one or two hundred dollars to ask the hair stylist to wear a wig for themselves. And men hair system have a life cycle, we also need to regularly replace new men hair system. All of these costs add up to a lot of expenses, and not everyone can afford it. But at www.lavividhair.com you can buy men’s hair system with a very low price and get high quality product. They have many kinds of hair systems for you to choose from, and also they accept custom orders, this service is also very cheap.
4.Many people think that cleaning and maintaining men hair system is very complicated, but in fact it is very simple. You just need to put it in warm water, wash it with shampoo, and then apply a conditioner to prevent the hair from being too dry. Use a towel or hair dryer to dry your hair, use a comb to smooth your hair.
Wearing a wig will not make you feel distress and anguish, if you are ashamed to show yourself, then men hair system are the best choice.