How to Restore The Hairline, By Several Steps Stop The Receding Hairline

The shift of the hairline occurs with age. When the hairline moves backward, it is often not noticed, because it is not obvious, and it is easy to ignore the change in the position of the hairline. In addition, irregular daily life and rest, staying up late, high pressure will also cause the receding hairline.

When I started to be bald was very anxious, I’m worried that I won’t find a girlfriend. So I started Rub scalp with ginger.

Later, I couldn’t stand it. I started looking for something that could restore my hair. Although I didn’t know the effect, it was better than ginger. What I didn’t expect was that the hairline really grew out in my constant attempts. Now my hairline looks like it was when I was young.

In order to solve your doubts, I will share my method with you.

How to judge the recedingĀ hairline?

  1. Use one hand to lift the hair in the middle of the forehead, and the other hand to lift the hair on one side. After careful observation and comparison, if it is found that the hair between the two temples is thinner and softer than the hair on both sides, and the hair root of the scalp part is also thinner, it indicates that the middle hair follicle is gradually thinning and even shrinking.
  2. Use a fine tooth comb to comb the hair at the hairline position to the hairpin, and then press the combed hair with one hand to observe whether the hairline is in the capital M shape. If so, it should be noted that this is the general trend of men gradually losing their hair.
  3. Use your mobile phone or camera to tie up your hair and take a more clear and intuitive picture of the hairline. Take another picture at the same position at a certain time. Compare the old and new photos to see if the hair changes significantly at the top of the head and the hairline.


  1. Reasonable shampoo: reasonable shampoo can clean the dust and other impurities on the scalp, which has a great effect on hair.
  2. Scalp massage: we need to massage the scalp when we are free, which can make the hair smoother.
  3. Eat more high protein food: it has the effect of raising hair, such as pork, beef and eggs.
  4. Perm dyeing degree: frequent and excessive perm and dyeing of hair will cause damage to the scalp
  5. Don’t scratch the scalp with nails: it is easy to damage the hair follicles. When washing the hair, wash the hair with finger pulp.

In addition to sticking to massage, it is very important to keep an optimistic mood. If you don’t stay up late, don’t drink or smoke, your hairline will get better gradually.