Poor Water Quality Can Also Cause Hair Loss. Is This True?

The first thing to know is that Europe is indeed the country with the highest chance of hair loss in the world. A 2014 Japanese survey showed that the top ten countries in the world for hair loss are all in Europe. The top five are Czech (42.79%), Spain (42.60%), Germany (41.24%), France (39.24%) and the United Kingdom (39.23% ).

The reason for the high probability of regional hair loss is of course genetics, but the external environment will also have a very large impact. For example, the dietary structure of people in European countries is different from that of Asians. Europeans prefer meat and eat less vegetables. The problem of hair loss caused by male hormones is more serious. Coupled with altitude, dry and wet air, temperature changes, etc., it is easy to cause hair loss.

However, it is too far-fetched to just say that diet changes lead to large areas of hair loss. There are other reasons for this. This reason is the water source. The water quality in Europe is generally hard. If you boil a pot of boiling water, there is no visible scale in the kettle for a month, and there is nothing in the water. This is “soft water”; but when you go to places such as Germany and the United Kingdom, you can burn a pot of local water. You may be able to burn a layer of scale with just one pot. The main components of this scale are calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, which is called “hard water”. From the perspective of shampooing. Because of the presence of calcium carbonate in “hard water”, it shows a certain degree of weak alkalinity. The harder the water, the stronger the alkalinity. The hair growth environment is weakly acidic, so often wash your hair in a weak alkaline environment, especially the shampoo is more alkaline, then after a long time, the hair will gradually be eroded, affecting the natural growth of hair. In addition, hard water has some metal components. Although the content of heavy metals in the water is negligible, you must use it every day! Once the heavy metal ions penetrate into the scalp, it is difficult to eliminate them. If the accumulation is small, it will cause hair loss, and the hard water itself is difficult to wash the hair.


You can’t change the water source. The best way is to drink some pure water first. The standard of pure water is still very suitable for drinking. However, pure water for shampooing is too luxurious. At this time, you can consider buying a soft water device. It is also convenient to soften harder water. The last tip is that you can add a little vinegar or lemon to the shampoo water. After the acid and alkali are neutralized, the water quality is much more comfortable and the hair can be washed more smoothly.