Which Way Do You Prefer to Against Hair Loss: Hair Building Fibers or Hair System?

Male hair loss not only makes your hair thinner, but also makes your hair thinner, softer, even shorter, and yellower. The combined result of these changes is to make your hair look very thin, even visible. The scalp gives the impression of aging and bad. If you want to change the overall look of thinning, the most effective way is to increase the number of hairs, but this is difficult. Besides, there are other ways to make the hair thicker, harder, or even black. Will make the hair look healthier, and make the thinning hair on the top of the head look a little more.

Dense hair fiber powder is a very typical chemical product, and its birth is the progress of materials science. The main principle of dense hair fiber powder is the electrostatic spinning technology. Generally, cellulose acetate (CA) is blended with grass cotton. It has excellent adsorption properties, so that the grass cotton fiber can be quickly adsorbed on the hair, and the hair appears immediately. Thick effect. This product should be a by-product of cellulose acetate (CA), because CA has a wide range of uses in chemicals and medicine. After the dense hair fiber powder was born, people found that this method of increasing hair growth was really good. First of all, straw wool and CA are safe and harmless, and can basically solve the safety problem; second, this kind of strong adsorption force, ordinary blowing and showering The rain cannot be resolved, which provides a guarantee for stability; in the end, because these fibers are relatively small and cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, the appearance is the same as the real hair, and the user will not feel any discomfort on the head. Use ordinary before going to bed The shampoo can be washed off.

Are there any disadvantages to dense fiber powder? Of course there are. First of all, the absorption of fibers is not 100% effective, which means that some powdery fibers will inevitably fall on the skin and clothes during use, which requires certain use skills. Secondly, although the dense hair powder material is natural grass cotton, However, there are still some materials such as preservatives. It is impossible to say that it is completely harmless. I personally do not recommend excessive use.

When to choose wear a hair system? If your hair loss is very serious and you are almost bald, the hair fibers will have no effect on you, and they will not be able to smoothly adhere to your hair. Then men’s human hair system will be your best choice. It is made by 100% real human hair, skin and lace base will give you natural from hairline and realistic looking, and the silk base will give you the illusion of hair growing from the scalp.

Over time, this product will become more and more popular. At that time, you will feel that baldness is actually not that scary. Wearing this high-tech wig, you can still become stylish.