Should I Wash My Hair Every Day for Seborrheic Alopecia?

If you want to go out, you have to wash every day. But the number of washing hair does not fundamentally affect the amount of hair loss. Symptoms of seborrheic alopecia: scalp head, flat hair roots, soft, fragile hair, this type of general young adults will be particularly obvious.

Hair will alternate between old and new according to a certain cycle, and 85~90% of the hair has been in the growth phase and maintained its growth state. The remaining hair is either in the preparatory stage before stopping growth or in the resting stage when it stops growing completely. Hair that is in the resting period will fall off naturally when combing and shampooing. The quantity is usually 70~120 per day.

  1. Hair loss type: non-pathological (basically recoverable) and pathological (basically impossible)

Non-pathological: Too much thinking, too much pressure, overeating, etc. Simply put, it means that you have not balanced your personal life. Such people who are troubled by hair loss only need to take a good rest and choose appropriate toiletries, and they can basically recover.


Pathological: Most of these people are unlikely to return to a state of rich hair. Hereditary alopecia (androgenetic alopecia) is really a nightmare for men.

  1. How to relieve hair loss? Hair loss-non-pathological: It is caused by the following reasons. Touching the top of your head, eating and resting tell yourself to refrain from eating. This supplement is lost: the nutrients of hair are mostly protein (keratin). Protein: dairy products, Black sesame seeds, nuts, deep-sea fish···Vitamin B group: milk, beans, spinach, eggs···Contains trace elements of zinc and iron: oysters, spinach, salmon···

Hair loss-pathological: This type of general medical treatment (note that it is medical treatment) will prescribe two drugs: minoxidil & finasteride

Minoxidil (externally applied): originally used to treat high blood pressure, long-term use has a side effect: hirsutism. Later, minoxidil, which is specifically used to treat hair loss, was further developed. It can cause peripheral vasodilators to stimulate hair growth in hair loss areas when used locally for a long time. The effect of use varies from person to person. In some cases, frantic shedding will occur in the early stage, and it will gradually improve in the later stage, with obvious hair growth effects; but there are some exceptions, so you must seek medical attention in time.

-Finasteride (oral): This drug is a prescription drug, an anti-androgen drug, which reduces the concentration of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by inhibiting ‖ type 5α-reductase (not inhibiting testosterone). Compared with minoxidil, the effect is more obvious, but it also brings more side effects, more of which are male health problems, and this type of drug will also have a certain impact on pregnant women and fetuses.

Simply put, the first thing to do for seborrheic alopecia is to control oil, slow down the oil secretion of the scalp, and further relieve hair loss on the basis of oil control. Finally, it is emphasized again that when it reaches a certain degree of seriousness, do not blindly rely on various cleaning products, and must seek medical treatment in time.