My name is Jack, and unfortunately I lost my hair very early. I have to change from long hair to short hair to cover up the essence of thinning hair. My self-confidence took a huge blow, and hair loss began to affect my social life. I now wear a baseball cap all the time, so it becomes difficult to go out due to the capless policy in many places.

At first, I bought and used hair fiber as a way to thicken my hair, and kept it for several years. However, I have never fully believed in hair fiber because they always get it everywhere. I became tired of using hair fiber. Later I started to study hair transplantation. I consulted several medical institutions and asked in detail about the specific costs. The price of $2000-$3000 is unaffordable for me. I checked other hair loss solutions on the Internet. In the end, the hair system made me very interested.

I came across hair systems through the clinic. Although their prices are very expensive, they are acceptable to me. The clinic provides consultations for people and creates customized hair systems for them. I visited a local company and signed a plan. At the beginning, we were very happy to cooperate. The customized hair system restored me confidence and happiness. The feeling of having hair is really great. You can never realize it. People with alopecia get the happiness of hair again. Later, I learned that if I can buy a hair system online, I can save myself a lot of money. So I started to screen different companies online and compare them. Lavivid hair video stands out. Unlike other companies, Lavivid shows real products in its videos. I think this is a reliable company.

I immediately communicated with lavivid customer service to learn more about their ordering process and the products they can provide. Since I am very familiar with hair systems, I am happy to order a customized system for myself. I like French lace and I want Remy hair because the quality and appearance of the hair are very important to me.

I lead a very active lifestyle. I often work outdoors and the weather here is very hot in summer. My hair system stayed in good condition during the many humid, windy days I experienced in the city. There is no need to worry about any problems with my hair system. The hair system has brought me a new life, and I found that I can do more for my life. I go to the gym more confidently because I no longer need to worry about my hair. On a beach holiday where I spent a lot of time by the sea, swimming proved no problem. The hair system puts me at ease.