Men’s Hair Replacement System With Real Human Hair

There are thousands of hair system brands around the world, but not all brands are as committed to using human hair as we are lavivid hair. Yes, the existence of wigs and artificial hair is a reality that men with hair systems should be aware of. To help first-time buyers choose 100% authentic human wigs, we decided to list several hair care products that are popular because of their natural experience.

Read on to discover the men’s wigs that are popular for their high quality hair and lifelike charm.

Eros and mirage hair system

The Eros and mirage hair system has been helping men with hair loss for quite some time and is an essential product in our catalog. Its 8 inch x 10 inch substrate is made of 0.02 mm and 0.04 mm translucent ultra-thin skin, making the hair system super light and gel suitable for scalp. Also, it’s very easy to clean and apply tape / glue to the wig. Thanks to 100% remy hair and a V-shaped hairline at 1 / 2 “of the gradient hairline, the hair system hair wig gives balding men the look they dream for. What’s more, its hair is 6 inches long and has medium light density, which makes the wig not easy to scatter or tangle

Swiss lace hair system

It’s been a while since our Helios hair system came out, but it’s very popular among hair system wearers. As the name suggests, its 8 “x 10” base is made from a complete Swiss lace base, which is known for its softness, lightness and breathability. In addition, Swiss lace is one of the most natural looking materials used for wigs and is therefore totally undetectable

Thor French lace wig

French lace and polyester fabric on both sides and back make Thor an ideal choice for men suffering from hair loss. Its base material is easy to blend into the scalp and helps to make natural hair appear on the head. Available in different colors, y is known for its breathability, high comfort and portability.

Thousands of men Google “men’s wigs” to combat hair loss and thinning. Our goal in this blog is to introduce these men to hair products that do not affect quality and are affordable.

Choosing one of these wigs will convince people that hair loss has emerged from it. If you can’t find the wig you’re looking for in this list, please check out our complete list of wigs and wigs. We guarantee that you will find the most suitable for yourself!