How to Treat Men’s Receding Hairline, What Can Men’s Frontal Hairpieces Do with Receding Hairline?

The frontal hair system is significantly smaller than the typical hair system. This particular hair piece is 1.8 inches wide and only 7 inch long. This is because it is not designed for the entire scalp, but to be worn along the front hairline. This explains the curved shape of the simulated frontal hairline. Thinking about it is your quick and easy way to solve the receding hair!


Am I suitable for frontal hairstyles?

If your hair loss is not very serious and the hair are just moving back along your frontal hairline, then yes, the frontal hair system will suit you.

If the top of your head or the entire top of your head is bald, then if you lose your hair completely, you have to consider a regular-sized hair system.


How to wear a frontal hair system?

Like the way of wearing a normal hair system, you must use tape or glue to connect the front hair system. Therefore, you will have to shave some of your hair (right in front) because you can’t wear a frontal hair system on your existing hair.


Advantages of frontal hair system

The frontal hair system is an instant, risk-free and pain free, affordable hair loss solution, just like any hair replacement system. However, the frontal hair system has its own advantages over conventional hair systems.

The frontal system is very small, and if you wear it, most of the hair on your head will be your own. This will help you feel less conscious about wearing the hair system, which is usually a big problem for people who are new to the hair system. There’s not so much to be noticed. But remember, all hair systems are now undetectable, so you can safely wear them regardless of size or type, because you know no one will notice.

You don’t have to shave a lot, considering that the basic size may be only 7 inches x 1.8 inches. This makes it easier for you to transition to a hair system, because you don’t have to grow back and side hair and create a slightly strange shape with the top of the hair sparse. You won’t have to shave your entire hair.

Due to the small size of the base, the time cost on maintenance and cleaning is less than regular hair system. Your hair system will be much faster than large units because it will take less time to apply tape or glue or clean up the base of residue.


What are the options for my front wig?

The method of making the frontal hair system is the same as the typical hair system. At Lavivid hair, we now offer two front hair systems with different basic designs. Both will give you a very natural hairline, allowing you to design your hairstyle as you want, but which one is best for you may depend on where you live.