Are You Thinking About Getting A Hair System? My Thoughts And Review (One)

I’ve been using the hair system for about two months, and I’ve thought about the process over the past two months and learned something from it.

I remember when I first put it on, I ordered it from lavivid hair during the lock-in period, and it came in about seven to eight days. It’s a great packaging product. The time to complete this operation is during locking. I’ve been on vacation for months, I haven’t met anyone, and no one knows when I’ll show up and suddenly have my hair. The barber came to my house. It was the first time she had done such a thing. So she helped me put on the hair system, and then did the styling and blending. Hairline, really good.

Obviously, from having no hair for 10 years to suddenly having a bunch of hair longer than the original, I was at a loss the next morning. I woke up with messy hair. I had forgotten how to shape my hair, so I wore a hat that day. That morning, I really wanted to take it off. I just felt that it was not suitable for me. I continued to live bareheaded. Anyway, I still wore a hat that day, It really looks ridiculous, and then on Monday I ordered another barber’s to have my hair cut short, so when it’s shorter like this, especially when you need to style your hair by yourself, it looks easier to manage.

Later, I did it myself, cleaning and reinstalling the hair system. Every time, I did it a little bit. The better way is to try it again and again. Obviously, you know what I mean is that for the first time, I don’t even know how to remove it, and I can’t install it on my head. You know, everything was like learning to ride a bicycle, because I had to go to work the next day, so anyway, I finally cleaned it up, which was the first time I spent a little time. It took me two and a half hours to take it off and reattach it, but it’s been easier since then, you know it might take me an hour and a half now, and for the last two weeks, I just do it once a week. If I want to, I’ll take it off, wear the hair system the next morning, take it off at night, I’ll wash it with shampoo and dry it every day, then I’ll go to sleep, and then I’ll wear it again the next morning when I wake up the next morning. It’s like every Sunday, let my head breathe a little, and don’t worry, I’ll do something like this, finish it on Sunday night, it will take me half an hour to take it off and wash it, then go to sleep, and spend another 45 minutes in the morning, yes, I did it, I’ve been using glue to fix the hair system on my scalp, at first when I finished the whole thing with glue You know what I mean is to use two layers of glue-like the whole area. From then on, I just walked along the perimeter, and I knew I would do it. Since then, I have become more experienced.

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