Men’s long hairstyle recommendation by LaVivid Hair

Modern men keep on trend by experimenting with their hair. Straight, curly or wavy hair, each hairstyle has a style. The hair stylist said that men with long hairstyles will be one step ahead this year, and their hairstyles will not be meaningful until summer comes again!

  1. Brushback hairstyle

Remember there used to be backstreet boys in the city? No problem, if you don’t have a few feet of hair, even if you have medium-length hair, a smooth back looks like a miracle for you. A high-gloss appearance is best, which can be achieved by regular shampooing and using a medium to hold a wet appearance gel. But remember, it’s unwise to use too many hair products, because the harmful chemicals in them can damage your hair follicles. This is another hairstyle that can be mastered with modern wigs and hair systems.


  1. Ponytail Hairstyles

Men’s pony is a simple and quick look for long hair. All you need to do is to pull the hair back with a drop of serum to ensure maximum shine. If you need a rough look, avoid using serum. If you don’t want to look formal, try to leave a few strands of hair on your face or behind your ears. You will be very sexy!

  1. Long blonde hair

Blond long hair hairstyle will give you a very effective sense of presence. Its natural luster makes it look radiant and impressive. It makes you look very masculine and impressive. If you pair it with a beard, you will put jewelry on your crown. Men with long hair must try this look. It is also very suitable for surfers and athletes.

  1. Bun

For men with long hair, a men’s bun is a hairstyle that matches well with a round face and sharp jawline. Comb your long hair back with your fingers, and then tie your tie to make you look relaxed, curl up a small bunch from both sides. The length of your hair will determine how high or low you can comb the bun, but it is best to comb the bun below the top of your head. It will make you look super sexy.

  1. Long braid

For men who like bold styling, braid hairstyle may be the first choice. If you want to attract attention, braid as much as possible. Start from the scalp and go through the long mane. Do you know the best thing about braids? They can be paired with ponytail and human hair bun.

Long and straight

Sometimes simple work is best. When you want the look of a rock star, don’t try anything else! Just ask your hair stylist to give you a decent hairstyle and release your long hair. This hairstyle is best for men with blond and brown hair, but men with other colors are also worth trying. Even if you don’t have long hair, you can use a wig to change this hairstyle.

If your hair is not long enough, but you are eager to get a long hair style, you can choose to wear a wig or a hair system. Now Lavivid provides a long hair system for these people to meet their pursuit of long hair style. Shop from