What Caused Your Hair System Shedding? How To Prevent Shedding On The Hair System?

Hair systems will make you feel better, but what if they are a cause of worry and stress? When you spend hundreds of dollars on a wig, it feels really bad. It starts to fall off earlier than expected! Although it is not common for hair systems to fall off, people who face this problem are desperately looking for solutions.

Manufacturing defects: This is the case of a wig or hair system failure. Many wig manufacturing companies around the world promise to provide high quality artificial / artificial hair systems, but use cheaper raw materials and equipment to reduce production costs. This leads to the low quality of wig products, and it is you who suffer! Finally, the wig you bought to solve the problem of hair loss began to fall off due to manufacturing defects.

Manufacturing defects have few solutions, only alternatives. However, there is no guarantee that the wig you replace will not fall off. To ensure that you get a wig that doesn’t fall off, order it from a trusted manufacturer and supplier. Therefore, it is recommended that you conduct research and make sure you buy from well-known wig brands.

You are not responsible for the part of the wig falling off, and the whole failure is borne by the manufacturer. Now, let’s look at the reason why the wig that you might trigger falls off. But rest assured, we will also provide the best solution to prevent the wig from falling off!

hair systems are very sensitive and need more attention. If you are wearing a human wig, it will start to fall off under the following conditions:

You are brushing your wig with extra force.

You brush too much.

You over designed your wig.

When we shape the wig, these little details are usually ignored, and then the wig falls off. To stop it, you should:

Use a wide comb.

Comb the wig evenly.

Gently entangle the wig.

If you don’t comb your wig properly, it will fall off more easily. We’re sure you don’t want this to happen! If you want to stop the wig falling off, it’s best to brush it gently and follow the wig manual as much as possible. If you don’t know, please ask the hairdresser for wig care tips!

Washing your hair in the right way can make it smooth and firm. Ignore this suggestion and your hair will start to fall. The same logic applies when it comes to hairpieces. If you wash your hair excessively or use irritating hair care products, the wig will begin to fall off.

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