Hair Highlights – a Completely Guide To Diy Your Hair At Home

Highlighting your hair can be a time-consuming task and a challenge for those who use it for the first time. If you get it from a designer, it can cost hundreds of dollars. That’s why people stick out their hair at home. In addition, why spend so much money on salons when you can highlight your hair at home!

Top hair stylists recommend always using quality hair color to highlight your hair. Before purchasing, please make sure that it is a professional hairdressing product line and that the packaging has not been tampered with. After completing these checks, you can purchase the product to highlight your hair at home. Choose at least 2 shades that are brighter than your skin color. It will highlight your hair and blend with your skin color.

Shampoo 2-3 days before you want to highlight your hair at home. Try to avoid clarifying shampoo. This will keep your hair clean without removing protective skin oils that are too close to the actual product application. Avoid washing your hair on the day you highlight it, as it makes your scalp vulnerable to the chemicals in the highlight product.

Buy close fitting latex gloves to protect your hands. Pick up quarter inch and half inch acrylic brushes from art supply stores and look for foil similar to a salon. Do not use plastic covers! May cause uneven skin tone. When you want to do professional work at home, it is best to use professional tools for preparation, such as high light hair dyeing. Add this tip to the how to highlight your hair at home list.

Longer hair has better streaking effect than shorter hair. If you have short hair, please don’t be sad! Short hair looks great when it’s on. Short hair can work with hooks with commercially striking products (including hats). Use the hook to pull a small part of the hat to start projecting your hair at home.

Keep the hair dry, then apply the mixture to the one inch area on the front so that the striping cream is about a few centimeters away from the scalp. As you move toward the center of your head, gradually thin these parts to half an inch. Once at the bottom and back, apply the color to the quarter inch block. Remember, don’t be too precise about the application. The coolest highlights are not always evenly distributed or perfectly symmetrical.

Now, leave the color solution on the scalp until dry. Once the color is set, shampoo your hair. Most hair dyes use ammonia, which allows moisture to escape from the scalp. Use color conditioner to condition hair. This is a hair conditioning tips, at least to wait for five minutes.

According to some hair experts, conditioning hair helps to enhance the color of highlights. If your hair turns red when highlighted, look for green to make it more neutral brown. If your blonde highlights are too icy, the golden toner will help to increase the warmth of your hair. If you want shiny hair, you can apply the shine kit to the highlighted hair.

Remember to pay special attention to protruding hair. After protruding hair at home, follow-up care can be carried out. Do not use irritating chemicals on the scalp. Shampoo with a mild shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. If you plan to dye your hair at home, you should have each hair care product ready before, during and after the highlight is completed. It will help you get lasting highlights.