Why Is A Custom Toupee Right For Me?

Toupees are now widely available in various hair stores, salons, and online. It is a must-have item for everyone struggling with baldness, especially males.

Because they are made of real human hair, human hair toupees appear and feel the most realistic. No one will notice if you don’t tell them you’re wearing a hairpiece. It wonderfully conceals baldness and thinning hair without causing damage to your hair. Because the system is so light, you might as well forget you’re wearing a wig.

Toupees are available in a range of textures, colors, and sizes: Because everyone’s balding pattern is distinct, different sizes of toupees can be used to address the issues. Because the headcover is smaller than a standard wig, you can wear multiple pieces to conceal hair flaws. The variety of textures (straight, wavy, curly, and more), as well as colors, allows you to keep up with current hairstyles.

But some of us fail to find a toupee that fits the condition of the hair. In this case, a custom men toupee is for you! What’s that you ask?

It’s called a custom toupee because it’s made just for you. In other words, it’s personalized as per the condition of your hair.

Base Size

The base is made from an actual mold of your head so it’s going to match the curvature of your scalp. It’s going to fit the area you would like to cover.

Base Material

Since it’s a customized toupee, you can choose the base material based on your lifestyle. Most users prefer a lace base, which is breathable. It should have a thin skin or a mano base or it could be a mix of the two.

It’s recommended to go for a base with a hairline that’s hard to detect.

Hair Type

Toupees are available in human hair and synthetic hair. If you are going to settle for synthetic, get the type that feels like real hair. The synthetic version doesn’t really need much maintenance.

On the other hand, if you can afford and you want a wig that blends in with your natural hair, human hair toupee is the best. Since it’s human hair, it requires a lot of maintenance.

Hair Color

When designing a custom men toupee, you have the option of having a wig designed that matches your natural hair.

To make it appear more natural, you can also add some grey hair in the temple area.

Hair Pattern

Depending on the pattern of your hair, you can make the custom toupee curly or wavy and make it blend with your remaining hair. If you want more curls in the back and waves in the front, this is possible as well.


Why Choose a Custom Men Toupee?

A custom toupee is expensive compared to a stock toupee. This is why you must be thinking about why to spend extra money. Anyone who has struggled to find a hairpiece that looks natural on their head can relate to how painful the process can be.

We are sure you already know them, but here are a few compelling reasons why custom toupees are best. There is no harm in reiterating, right?

The color, density, and texture you desire

Any wig must have these basic components. A custom wig will get all these details right. The wig will have enough hair to produce the desired look without seeming unnatural or being overly heavy. Its color will match the color of your hair. The texture of the hair will be correct as well. Nothing will look out of place. Others might not be able to recognize that you are wearing a hairpiece, which will help you look and feel confident.

Your Ideal Fit

Let’s assume you have found a wig in the color that matches your hair and everything looks fine. Its hairline looks natural as well. You may be able to use the wig in its current state. What if this wig does not fit your head? You put it on, pull and tug, but it still doesn’t cover your nape.

There is no such problem with a custom men toupee because it’s designed by measuring the size of your head.

Naturally Blending With Your Hairline

This is the weakest link for stock toupees. Unless you’re planning to wear big bangs or a cap, you’ll need a lace front hairline. Do you want your wig hair to be pulled away from your face? Then you’ll need a lace front hairline wig. And that hairline of the toupee needs to match your natural hairline to be able to blend in naturally.

Unfortunately, whatever stock toupee you will try, chances are you are out of luck with it comes to finding a hairline that matches yours. In such a situation, you are better off with a custom men’s toupee.

The Right Hair

For anyone wearing a toupee, the hairpiece must match your natural hair. After all, the toupee will stick out if it’s straight and you have wavy hair.

Make sure it’s made of the best hair tasks such as styling or the weather in your location. This means you will need a wig toupee that is good-looking, realistic, long-lasting and it matches your hair’s natural color and texture.


Ready For Your Custom Toupee?

After reading the above, chances are you have been convinced and you are ready to give it a go. That’s great.

Usually, the places that take orders for custom toupees will require you to fill a form asking for measurements and other details related to the order. A customized piece can take up to 6 weeks to be ready. If you need it for a special occasion, place your order ahead of time so that you can wear this customized hairpiece and look your best self.


Summing Up

No doubt, upon wearing a custom men toupee, once your bald spots are hidden, it feels as if your confidence is back. You don’t conscious about your hair’s situation and nobody can even recognize that you are wearing a hairpiece.