Hair Replacement Styles

If you think that only women love to switch up their hair looks, you have got it all wrong. Men are becoming leaders in a hair campaign, and it is no wonder lots of replacement styles are being rolled out for them seasonally. Thanks to hair replacement, lots of men do not have to stick to their bald heads or merely wish they can have a haircut like Tom cruise. Because now, they can indeed have whatever hairstyle they desire.

There are quite a few popular hair systems that most men like to go with. There are also daring ones that could make you look instantly interesting. If you are looking for a replacement style that would truly fit your facial structure and will make you more attractive, then you have come to the right place.

Layered undercut

This is certainly the most popular men’s hair replacement style. It features an upper layer that is brushed backwards, with its shape held together by the effects of blow-drying. Its edges are well-trimmed for that trendy modern look.

Elephant trunk hairstyle

This is also known as the “greaser’ hairstyle and was a hair trend in the ’50s. However, it has made its way back into the fashion world for men in this decade. When combed to form a quaff in front, it looks its best. It is perfect for men who want something not so over the edge, but a little different from the normal.

Slicked-back messy hair

This is also one of the most requested men’s wigs. It is slick and easy to pull off. It looks its best when worked on perfectly by a good stylist who makes sure to trim the edged and sides to a medium length. It is great for any occasion.

Hip Side- sweep

One of the coolest hair replacement styles around, the hip-side sweep is trending in the world of the young at heart. Middle-aged men love to rock this phenomenal hairstyle for so many obvious reasons. It is a great way to fill in your hair, while still looking natural.

Wavy hair

Some men like to try something more unique and unusual. If you are that person, then you might want to get one of the wavy replacement hairstyles. They are sexy and hot hairstyles and suit almost everyone.

Long Side fringe

This is an edgy replacement hairstyle for the fashionable and daring man. It is also easy to style and is a good option if you are trying to take attention away from your forehead

Things to consider when choosing the best replacement hairstyles

Getting hair replacement doesn’t have to be so much hassle if you know the right things to look out for.

  • Your Style: Try to choose a wig that suits your personality. This way it will boost your confidence while making you look good.
  • Your face structure: The shape and structure of your face also determine what kind of hairstyle will suit you. Take a look at the hairstyles of popular men with similar facial features as yours. This could help you narrow down our options.
  • Quality: the quality of the replacement hairstyle should not be overlooked. There is no point in investing in a hair replacement that will make you look cheap and would not last long. Lavivid hair provides only the best quality of hair replacement, so you do not have anything to worry about.

How to care for hair replacements.

Buying a good men’s wig is a good way to start getting your look taken up a notch, but you must also know how to properly care for them. A good wig can stand the test of time if it is given the best hair treatment and care. Here are a few tips to keep your replacement hair always looking its best.

  • Use good shampoos to wash the hair when dirty or greasy. Avoid washing with hot water, try to use warm water.
  • Be sure to condition the hair after shampooing with a quality conditioner. Conditioning is a very important part of hair care; it helps to maintain hair moisture and keep it looking plump and vibrant always.
  • Use a good hairbrush with soft bristles to comb your hair. This will keep it tangle-free and prevent it from shedding
  • You might want to consider not attaching and detaching your hair regularly to keep the pins and bands from wearing out.
  • Store your hair replacements properly, away from dust and dirt. Also, make sure they are not compressed as this could distort the shape and style. It’s a good idea to store them in clean boxes or safety nylons when not in use.

Men’s hair replacements have come to stay, and the market continues to grow. More and more men have decided to own their looks and look better. Men with bald hair are most grateful for this invention. Whatever hair replacement hairstyle you are looking for, Lavivid hair has got the best options for you.