The Reasons why Human Hair Systems are better than the Hair Replacement Surgery

It must be very hard to face the baldness or alopecia in the first place. In fact, it is very common for us to feel self-conscious about the way we look, especially when we have the hair problems, such as the receding hairline or bald spots on the crown areas. In most cases, we will find some remedies, such as taking some vitamin pills, wearing the hats or headscarves, or even having a special hairstyle to cover up your hair problems.

Right now lots of people suffering from the hair loss will choose to wear the human hair systems or consider the hair transplant surgery as the permanent solution. Therefore, some of our customers wonder what the main benefits of the human hair systems are, compared with the hair replacement surgery.

Benefit No.1 : The Human Hair Systems are non-surgical

Since wearing the human hair systems are non-surgical with the tape or glue, you will see almost no side effects when wearing the hair system. In the contrast, the hair transplants will involve the surgical procedures, and you will notice some of the side effect caused by this surgery, such as bleeding, scalp swelling or even infections. And in order to relieve the pains from the hair replacement surgery, the surgeon need to prescribe the painkiller and antibiotics as well.

In fact, the human hair systems offer an extremely easy and safe hair replacement solution. The only possible side effect few people may experience is the allergy to some types of glues or adhesives. However, this problem can be very easily fixed with anti-allergic materials or adhesives.

Benefit No. 2: The Hair system is the more cost-effective solution

Another key advantage of the hair systems over the hair replacement surgery is the cost. The hair replacement surgery is an expensive, long and complicated surgical procedure, which cannot guarantee the long-term effectivity. If you don’t want to spend lots of money to fix your hair loss problem with the surgical solution, there are many different styles of human hair systems available onto the market with more affordable prices. Compared with the hair transplants, the hair systems can be way too cheaper and you can wear the hair systems easily with some glue or tape.

Moreover, you can order the human hair systems from, which can be even more cost-effective! Different from the hair replacement salons, we are the online boutique, more like a factory-direct distributor. This means that we can save lots expenses of a hair salon and cut off the middlemen to ensure the low hair system cost. At UniWigs, you can save more than 60% of what a hair replacement would charge!

Benefit No.3: Hair Systems can achieve instant transformation

As for the hair replacement surgery, first of all, it will take several hours to finish the surgery and then you will have to wait for several months to see the final results! However, you may see the instantly amazing transformation with the human hair systems. And the only time delay is in the time between ordering your hair system and delivering the hair system to your home. If you want to get an easy and budget-affordable solution, our pre-made stock hair systems can be the perfect choice to you and normally you can receive your hair system within 8 business days.