Looking For Noninvasive Solution for Your Hair Loss? You Are at The Right Place!

The nonsurgical option for treating hair loss is a nonsurgical hair replacement system. Hair replacements are a secure alternative to chemical treatments, micro-graft surgical hair restoration, and transplants. A hair “system,” a fancy way of saying toupee, is used for nonsurgical hair replacement.

The shape and texture of many modern hair systems are identical to your genuine hair, unlike the toupees of the past. Some even use human hair that is grown naturally. The best thing about hair systems is that you can go from higher cost to lower cost very easily since they offer a wide range of price and quality. The cost of the hair replacement system usually depends on the length, color, the type of base and the quality of hair. But if you properly take care of your hair piece, it will look as good as new for a long time!

Because wig manufacturers have continued to produce high-quality wigs over the years, there are now numerous hair replacement techniques available. Now several things come while choosing an excellent hair replacement systems non surgical.

Consider The Base Material

The first material to consider when choosing a very breathable wig is base. There are full lace wigs as well as a half. A full lace wig’s completely undetectable lace foundation, which enables you to style the wig however you like, is the main factor in why so many people choose them. The full lace system is further categorized into French lace and Swiss lace, with their advantages.

Another important thing to watch out for is how well the hair replacement system is bonded. Medical adhesives are used in a process known as bonding, also known as fusion, to secure newly added hair to the scalp’s balding or thinning areas around the perimeter.

Last but most importantly, which brand are you choosing to get such a crucial job to get done from? On the more premium end of the spectrum, you can get a variety of specially made hair systems that complement your hair’s color, your preferred style, and face shape. Some of the higher-quality hair systems can look incredibly realistic. Lavivid bespoke hair restoration method strives to resemble how your hair looked before you started losing hair.

Lavivid Hair Replacement System Changing Lives:

Wigs, one of the therapeutically innovative treatments for severe hair loss, can boost alopecia sufferers’ self-esteem and social abilities, increasing their quality of life. People can easily carry on with their daily lives by donning wigs. You can try out various hair colours that you might not have done before when you’re wearing a wig, which is a bonus.

Human hair wigs are also available at Lavivid. All the various textures of real hair, such as curly, natural, straight, wavy, thin, thick, and fine, are accessible in human hair wigs. If you go that approach, you can always get a human hair wig that matches your real hair.

Recent developments in wig technology have made it possible to select a hairpiece that resembles and feels like real hair. No one will ever find out that you are wearing a wig if it is a good fit unless you choose to reveal it.

Advantages Of Nonsurgical Hair Replacement System:


Wearing a hair replacement systems non surgical is far less expensive than having surgery. Compared to surgical hair replacement, nonsurgical hair transplant treatments are way more affordable and moderately priced. The cost of hair extensions, wigs, and other nonsurgical baldness solutions is lower.

Convenient To Use:

The usual healing period for surgical treatments like hair transplantation is one to two weeks. Installing a nonsurgical hair system before leaving the house can be a simpler, more practical solution. In the case of a nonsurgical hair replacement system, the hairstyle might be altered.

A person can choose the color, density, texture, and length of his or her hair. The nonsurgical approach is a reliable and secure one. The versatility of swiftly changing the length and style of your hair may even end up appealing to you.

Quicker Results:

This is the main incentive for individuals to pursue it. Nonsurgical hair replacements can be a potentially quicker answer to a very difficult problem. It may take up to six months after hair transplant surgery to notice any noticeable results. With hair replacement systems non surgical, a complete head of hair can be achieved in as little as four weeks.

Additionally, nonsurgical hair restoration options provide balding folks with guaranteed results. There are several nonsurgical options for men, women, and children dealing with baldness issues, including human hair wigs, cut-in hair augmentations, and other nonsurgical frameworks at Lavivid.


The fact that nonsurgical hair replacement is easily reversible is a significant benefit. Individuals using it can reverse it if they don’t like the get-up. A surgical approach, on the other hand, proves to be permanent.

No Risks Involved:

Because no surgery is necessary, there is no risk of discomfort, side effects, or stress. Anyone, wherever, at their convenience, can do it. The non-surgical nature of nonsurgical hair replacement is one of its key benefits. It eliminates the unpleasantness of a surgical procedure, which can be excruciating. A strategy that avoids surgery helps the patient avoid its drawbacks, including the risk of infection and the potential for scarring.

Our hair replacement solutions cover the area in which you have lost hair. There could be partial hair loss, little patches of hair loss all over the head, or thinning through the crown and hairline. Regardless of the type of hair loss, our client is experiencing; our  hair replacement systems non surgical are designed to cover the entire area. Get the high-quality, reliable hair system of your dreams from Lavivid Hair.

At our diverse online portal, you can get hair pieces, full-cap wigs, natural partial hair systems, and even hair patches to cover a tiny area of the head or the front hairline. Check out the website to view all the available designs.