Hair Patches for Bald Spots

Bald spots on the head are becoming common day by day.  The appearance of bald spots on the head is known as alopecia. Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss in different spots on the head. Androgenic alopecia appears both as male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness. Many men and women are suffering from androgenic alopecia. Alopecia areata cause hair loss in different spots on the head.

There are many treatments to resolve this issue. Commonly, to treat androgenic alopecia, medicines and injections are used. Hair growth promoters are also used for this purpose. People who don’t want to take medicines can go for photochemotherapy. These two treatments take time. If you want a safe and instant solution, you must go for hair patches. In this article, we’ll talk about hair patches for bald spots.

What is a hair patch?

A hair patch is known as a method of hair restoration in which synthetic or natural human hair is applied to the bald spot on the head using glue or tape. It is very helpful for men and women who have bald patches but do not want to go for oral treatments and surgery. The premium quality hair patch can blend in nicely with your hair because it has the same texture and color as your real hair.

Why hair patches?

Although other treatments can also be used to cover or treat bald spots, but hair patches are an instant solution to this problem. If a person goes for oral treatments like medications, it will take time. Medicines take their time to show the result. During that time, one has to wait. On the other hand, medicine can cause side effects in the body. Everyone cannot take medicines. So considering this fact, we can say that hair patches are better than bald spots medication. Hair patches don’t cause any side effects in the body.

The other treatment is surgery or photochemotherapy, everyone cannot afford surgery. Everyone cannot go for photochemotherapy. These are the latest treatments that are expensive. So, hair patches are economical and anyone can buy them. On the other hand, surgery and photochemotherapy sessions also take time. Hair patches for bald spots are the instant solution.

If you are using hair patches, you don’t have to suffer from pain because it is a non-surgical solution to your problem. During surgeries, you have to experience pain. No needles are used, Hair patches are easily attached to the head with tape or glue.

Everyone doesn’t want to wear a full hair system to cover their bald spot. Hair patches are made to cover that specific area of baldness. You don’t have to go for a full-head hair system. Because the hair patch is attached to a particular area on the head, it doesn’t feel heavy on the head. Like other hair systems, hair patches are also designed to blend with natural hair properly.

That’s why hair patches can be a good option if one wants an instant and non-surgical solution for the bald spot.

Best hair patch offering brand:

Many brands and companies are producing hair patches along with other hair systems. Different types of hair patches are available in the market. Like crown hair patches, front hair patches, etc. Let’s have a look at hair patches by one of the best companies named LaVivid.


LaVivid is a hair system manufacturing company. LaVivid is concerned with its customers and resolving their hair issues. LaVivid is making different hair systems like hair wigs, hair toupees, hair patches, etc. The hair systems by LaVivid are of premium quality. Following are some of the hair patches manufactured and designed by LaVivid:


  • Temple Hair Patches: It is one of the hair patches made by LaVivid. It is used to cover bald temples of the head. Hair loss on the temples of the head is a sign of early male pattern baldness. It is very difficult to hide this hair loss with your real hair. So, LaVivid came up with temple hair patches. It is made of Indian Remy human hair and has a slightly wavy appearance. You can cut it according to your bald spot or head size. The base used for the temple hair patch is very thin which makes the hair patch undetectable and lightweight. It mixes with natural hair easily and looks realistic.
  • Crown Hair Patches: Most men have hair thinning, hair loss, and baldness on the crown area of their heads. It is very common and shows male pattern baldness. Like other hair patches by LaVivid, it is also made of Indian Remy human hair. It has a base thickness of 0.06-0.08mm, which makes it super thin. Super thin base hair patches are easily blended with the scalp skin and don’t look odd. For men who are suffering from crown balding, it is one of the best hair patches. After wearing it, the crown area of the head will look natural.
  • Heavy Receding Hairline Patch: Receding hairline and thinning of the front hair is also a sign of male pattern baldness. The heavy receding hairline patch is designed for people who are facing front hair thinning and balding. This hair patch has a V-looped technique which makes its hairline realistic. One can adjust the hair patch according to size and choice. It is made of Indian Remy human hair. Its base thickness is 0.04-0.05mm which is super thin. Due to its thinnest base, it feels very light on the head.
  • Customized hair patches: If you want a different style or irregularly shaped hair patches, you can customize them from the LaVivid hair. One just has to tell them about the size and details, and they will customize hair patches according to your choice.


Besides other hair problems, many men face hair loss, hair thinning, and baldness on the different spots of the head which is known as alopecia. Everyone doesn’t want to go for medications and surgeries. So, hair patches are the best option for them. One can also customize hair patches according to size and choice on the lavivid, otherwise, there is an option for ready-made hair patches also available.