The Invisible Thin Skin Hair System – LaVivid Exceptional Creation for All Wig-Wearers

Wigs are a fashion trend that started long back; however, they made an impact in the world and, to date, have stayed intact. The only difference between the present wigs and those in the past is the genuine outlook.

Wigs in the past, while exceptionally gorgeous, lacked a realistic outlook. Hence, anybody could have figured out that the hair on the wearer’s head was fake when worn. Moreover, many of the wigs present in the past were highly uncomfortable and made the head hurt when worn for a long time.

Times have changed, and wigs today give a natural look and are comfortable to wear. Among such wigs, LaVivid’s invisible thin skin air system tops. Want to know why? Well, read below.

The Reasons Why Lavivid Thin Skin Hair Systems are in So Much Hype

Lavivid is one of the most exceptional companies that manufacture the best wigs in business. However, the hype the Lavivid Thin Skin Hair Systems or any other hair system associated with the company got wasn’t an overnight success.

It took the company years of testing, understanding the trends, what people liked, and what worked well in everybody’s favor to develop their range of hair systems.

Hence, the Lavivid Invisible Thin Skin Hair System is one of the most natural-looking and genuine hair pieces you can get your hands on. The points below back up this statement and would allow you to understand why the invisible thin-skin hair system is a great product.

· It Naturally Fits on the Scalp

One of the best parts and a primary reason why the invisible thin skin hair system is so popular is how naturally it fits on the scalp. This particular hair system, when working correctly, would perfectly adjust itself on the scalp giving a very realistic outlook.

· Comfortable to Wear

Another reason that makes the invisible think skin hair system so popular among wig hoarders is the comfort it offers. When worn, most wigs start to either feel heavy on the head after a while or become irresistibly itchy.

However, this particular hair system is different. Its featherlight sheath won’t only be comfortable on the head but will be airy enough not to let any itchiness occur.

· Durable than Most Thin Skin Hair

The down part of most thin skin hair systems is their durability. This is because the skin is so thin they aren’t strong enough to withstand the stretching pressure when worn. Hence, they break down or tear apart pretty quickly.

LaVivid’s thin skin hair system range is slightly different in terms of this. While not exceptionally durable to last a year, it would still work well for you longer than other hair systems have.

· Worth the Price

If there is one thing that sets LaVivid apart from most of its competitors in the market, it is its price range.

Our products are exceptionally satisfying to wear and come in the best price range ever. So, if you plan on getting your hands on a great thin-skin hair system at the best price possible, this one is just what you need.

The Best Invisible Thin Skin Hair System at LaVivid

If you are in search of some high-quality wigs, and the above reasons that make invisible thin skin hair so amazing got to you. Then you might want to take a look at some of the wigs LaVivid provides for sure.

1. LaVivid Louis C-through Bio Skin Hair System for Men


Lavivid Louis C-through bio skin hair system


When looking for an adequate size in thinness and durability that lasts you a good few months, then this Louis C-Through Bio Skin Hair System is what you should choose.

The hair system is available in a variety of colors, and hence one can splurge on various shades and wear each one when they feel like it. The best part about this bio skin hair is the reduction in shine it offers.

No one likes a shiny hairline, and with the C-through bio skin hair system, the shine is replaced by a dull and natural-looking hairline. So, when looking for a good quality invisible thin skin hair system, this is precisely what you should get your hands on.

It will give you a natural effect and won’t empty your pocket.

2. Travis Dark Rooted Platinum-blonde Hair System 

Lavivid Travis Dark Rooted Hair System

Dark roots and blonde hair are a natural look and a trend in hair dyes many people pick up. So, why should the wig-wearers stay behind, right?

This gorgeous dark-rooted platinum blonde wig is the perfect shade of blonde and dirty that you are looking for. With a skin of 0.04 – 0.06 mm, this hair piece holds great invisibility because of the thin skin and settles naturally on the head.

The headpiece is available in only one color and is a unique piece to get your hands on. The price range is impeccable, and if you want it in bulk, the offer you will get for three pieces would be fantastic too.

3. LaVivid Upgrade Eros Men’s Hair System

Lavivid Upgrade Eros Men’s Hair System

The thinnest skin out of the lot, this Upgrade Eros Men’s Hair System is one of the best in the market. If you are looking for a fragile hair skin system, then this one is what you should opt for.

With a base skin of only 0.02-0.03 mm, the Eros men’s skin provides an exceptional outlook that isn’t only natural but gives some fantastic benefits too. Some of these include dulling your hairline to give a more natural look and ensuring all back and sides are naturally managed so that when you move your hair around, it doesn’t look fake.

This wig is one the best when it comes to quality; however, given it is fragile skin, it would hardly last you for a month or two. Hence, taking our expert advice, we suggest you grab this hair system in bulk when ordering.


Every wig wearer wants a product that fits naturally and cannot tell whether it is fake or not. Lavivid understands such diseases and has long worked towards creating products that suit the user’s needs.

The invisible thin skin hair system is one of them, and hence we are sure, given its exceptional quality, that you would love it very much.