Determining Where Your Natural Front Hairline Should Be

It’s crucial to place your hairline in the right position to achieve the most natural look. Creating your template or preparing to attach your hair system can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have a natural front hairline to guide you.

Don’t be intimidated. Finding where your natural hairline would begin is easier than you think. This step-by-step guide shows you how to get your hairline positioning perfect every time. Be mindful to account for normal hairline recession that would naturally occur with age.

You may have heard people mention the “four finger” method for finding the front hairline. This method involves laying your pinky finger across your eyebrow and marking the area where your index finger falls. We recommend you avoid this method, as it is not precise and often yields inaccurate results.


  • Fine-tooth comb, makeup pencil, or washable marker
  • Your template or hair system
  • Wall mirror


Step 1: Locate the front hairline

To begin, raise your eyebrows as high as you can without tilting your head back.

Next, gently run your fingers up the center of your forehead until you reach the area where soft facial tissue meets the harder tissue. This is where your natural front hairline begins.

Lay your index finger on your forehead so the bottom of your finger sits on top of the soft tissue.

To find the center point, turn your finger to align vertically with your nose.

Step 2: Mark the front center point

Use your makeup pencil or marker to mark a small center point above your finger. (You’ll remove the mark after you attach your system.)

If you prefer a cleaner method, you can press the teeth of a fine-tooth comb onto your forehead rather than using a pencil or marker. This will leave a temporary indentation in your skin, marking the front and center point of your hairline.

Step 3: Mark the entire front hairline

If you’d like to mark your entire front hairline to make it easier to know where to apply glue, or to help with placement of the front hairline, simply place your clean hair system on your head, align it to the correct spot, and create more dots or comb marks along the edge to complete the outline of your front hairline.